Who is the medical director of UST Hospital?

Who is the medical director of UST Hospital?

Dr. Charito P. Malong-Consolacion
UST Hospital – Medical Director: Dr. Charito P. Malong-Consolacion, MHA | Facebook.

Is ust a government hospital?

The UST Hospital, our premier medical facility, is a non-stock, non-profit hospital. Its primary mission is to provide the best quality healthcare possible, especially to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

What municipality is UST Hospital?

The University of Santo Tomas Hospital (simply UST Hospital or USTH) is a hospital located at the University of Santo Tomas….

University of Santo Tomas Hospital
Location A.H. Lacson Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Coordinates 14°36′39″N 120°59′24″E
Care system Private, Charity

Does ust have a hospital?

University of Santo Tomas Hospital raises two trophies at Healthcare Asia Awards 2020. The hospital continued with its indigency programs to bring quality healthcare to the smallest of communities.

What district is UST Hospital?

Sampaloc. Sampaloc is a district of Manila, Philippines.

What barangay is UST Hospital?

Barangay 465 is proud to have within our territorial area of jurisdiction the oldest university in Asia and the home of the Dominican priests, the University of Santo Tomas and UST Parish Church respectively.

What is the No 1 hospital in Philippines?

Philippine Heart Center

ranking World Rank Instituto
1 1244 Philippine Heart Center
2 3099 St Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City
3 3369 Makati Medical Center
4 4024 Asian Hospital & Medical Centre

What is the best hospital in Philippines?


  • #8: World Citi Medical Center.
  • #7: Manila Doctors Hospital.
  • #6: Cardinal Santos Medical Center.
  • #5: The Medical City.
  • #4: Asian Hospital and Medical Center.
  • #3: Makati Medical Center.
  • #2: St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City.
  • #1: St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City.

Is SPMC bigger than PGH?

SPMC is the biggest government hospital in the country with 1500 beds. PGH is second with 1100 beds.

What district is UST Manila?

4th District of Manila
Santa Mesa is now a part of the 6th congressional district of Manila, while Sampaloc is the sole district comprising the 4th congressional district of Manila….Sampaloc, Manila.

Congressional District 4th District of Manila
Barangays 192
• Total 7.90 km2 (305 sq mi)

What is the richest hospital in the Philippines?

Who is the best doctor in the Philippines?

Best Doctors in Manila, Metro Manila

  1. Dr. Andrea Orel Valle, MD, DPPS, DPCC. 0.7 mi.
  2. May N. Agno, MD. 5.2 mi.
  3. Dr. Patricia Maningat. 4.3 mi.
  4. Dr. Vladimir Hufana. 6.1 mi.
  5. Dr. Eileen Liesl Cubillan. 1.1 mi.
  6. Healthway Medical. 0.8 mi.
  7. Jose Florencio F Lapeña, Jr., FPCS. 0.5 mi.
  8. Hilario M. Tamondong Jr, MD.

Who owns St Luke’s hospital Philippines?

St. Luke’s Medical Center

Type Non-profit
Industry Health care
Founded 1903
Headquarters St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City , Philippines
Key people Frederick Dy (Chairman) Arturo Dela Pena (President and CEO)

Who built UST?

Miguel de Benavides
It was founded on April 28, 1611, by the third Archbishop of Manila, Miguel de Benavides, together with Frs. Domingo de Nieva and Bernardo de Santa Catalina. It was originally conceived as a school to prepare young men for the priesthood.

What is the most beautiful hospital in the Philippines?

SLMC in Global City recently landed on the list of the World’s Most Beautiful Hospitals, a distinction conferred by editors of the US-based magazine Healthcare Management News and Insights in their March issue. The first and only Philippine hospital to be included on the list, it placed No.

Who is the youngest doctor in the Philippines?

Gangcuangco was born on March 26, 1987 in Mandaluyong, Philippines. He finished his primary education in Montessori de San Juan (MSJ) in 1999.

What is the biggest hospital in the Philippines?

The Southern Philippines Medical Center
The Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) is the largest hospital in the Philippine Department of Health system, with an approved bed capacity of 1,200, by virtue of Republic Act 9792.

Is St Luke hospital private?

St. Luke’s Medical Center is a non-stock, non-profit and non-sectarian medical institution. Although it has become one of the largest private hospitals in the country, it has stayed close to its roots.

What rank is UST in the Philippines?

The University of Santo Tomas once again joins the 2021 Impact Rankings of Times Higher Education (THE), this time placing third among Philippine higher education institutions (HEIs). UST is the top Philippine university in SDG 4 (Quality Education), placing in the 301-400 range.