Who is the largest 3PL?

Who is the largest 3PL?

C.H. Robinson
Largest U.S. Based 3PLs Ranked by 2020 Logistics Gross Revenue/Turnover

Rank Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL) Gross Revenue (US$ Millions)*
1 C.H. Robinson 15,490
2 XPO Logistics 12,107
3 UPS Supply Chain Solutions 11,048
4 Expeditors 10,116

What are 3PL firms?

A 3PL (third-party logistics) provider offers outsourced logistics services, which encompass anything that involves management of one or more facets of procurement and fulfillment activities. In business, 3PL has a broad meaning that applies to any service contract that involves storing or shipping items.

Is Amazon a 3PL company?

This third-party logistics provider (3PL)service allows other businesses to utilize Amazon’s massive infrastructure to provide ecommerce fulfillment for their own customers. Amazon is the largest third-party logistics providers (3PL) company in the world.

Why do companies use 3PLs?

When a company uses a 3PL, they can scale space, labor, and transportation according to current inventory. Additionally, they are often able to ease the transition between seasonal periods and industry fluctuation. When expanding into new markets, businesses can rely on a 3PL to aid growth in new regions.

Is FedEx a 3PL?

FedEx Supply Chain, formerly known as GENCO (General Commodities Warehouse & Distribution Co.) is a major third-party logistics (3PL) provider in the United States and Canada. It serves various industries, including: technology & electronics, retail & e-commerce, consumer & industrial goods, and healthcare industries.

Is DHL a 3PL?

Contract logistics giant DHL Supply Chain said Sept. 11 it has integrated with truck load-matching platform Convoy to access carriers and rates, making it the first third-party logistics provider to integrate with Convoy.

Who is the biggest logistics company in the world?

Top 10 Largest Logistics Companies in the World in 2020

Rank Logistics Company Revenue (USD billions)
1 UPS 71.86 billion
2 Deutsche Post 67.11 billion
3 FedEx 65.45 billion
4 CSX Transportation 38.2 billion

Is UPS a 3PL or 4PL?

Introduction. We came upon the UPS website and found several web pages, where UPS presents its 4PL services. So we have to ask the question: Is UPS a 4th party logistics provider? Well clearly, UPS have assets, which by definition would make them a 3PL and not a 4th party logistics provider.

What is the best freight forwarder?

and Freight Forwarding Volumes*

Rank Provider Air (Metric Tons)
1 DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding 1,667,000
1 Kuehne + Nagel 1,433,000
2 DB Schenker 1,094,000
2 DSV Panalpina 1,272,405

Is UPS a 3PL company?

3PL providers handle outsourced distribution, warehousing and fulfillment services, to name but a few services. The best 3PL providers scale and customise their solutions to meet customers’ needs.


In other words, the best 4PLs ensure things get delivered, within budget and on time. Find out how DHL can support you as a 4PL provider.

How big is the 3PL industry?

Third-Party Logistics in the US – Market Size 2003–2027

$212.0bn Third-Party Logistics in the US Market Size in 2022
8% Third-Party Logistics in the US Market Size Growth in 2022
2.2% Third-Party Logistics in the US Annualized Market Size Growth 2017–2022

Does DHL outsource?

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DHL, the world’s leading logistics group, has today launched a procurement outsourcing service designed to help public and private sector organisations around the world achieve substantial cost-savings through transformational sourcing of products and services.

Who is the biggest freight company?

and Freight Forwarding Volumes*

Rank Provider Gross Revenue (US$ Millions)*
1 DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding 28,453
1 Kuehne + Nagel 25,787
2 DB Schenker 20,761
2 DSV Panalpina 18,269

Does DHL do 3PL?

DHL for Business Our Supply Chain division creates custom solutions for enterprise-sized organizations. Discover what makes DHL Supply Chain the perfect fit as your outsourced logistics provider (3PL).

Which is better 3PL or 4PL?

The Main Differences between 4PL and 3PL 4PL providers are better for medium-to-large businesses, while 3PL providers are more suitable for small-to-medium businesses. 4PL providers function at the optimization and integration level while 3PL providers focus more on daily operations.

How many 3PLs are there?

Third-Party Logistics in the US – Number of Businesses

Year Value
Feb 1, 2019 13,776
Feb 1, 2020 13,425
Feb 1, 2021 13,720
Feb 1, 2022 14,302

What is 3PL revenue?

Overall, the global 3PL industry generated 951.6 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2019 and has been growing faster than the U.S. market.

What are some good 3PL companies?

– OTW Shipping – The Fill Center – SeedFS – BeFulfilled

What is the best 3PL company to work for?

ShipBob. Best overall 3PL company (Quote-based).

  • FedEx. Best for supply chain consulting and assistance (Quote-based).
  • DHL Supply Chain. Best for environment-friendly transportation solutions (Quote-based).
  • C.H. Robinson.
  • Ryder. Best for reverse logistics and spare parts delivery (Quote-based).
  • Burris Logistics.
  • DSV Global.
  • Expeditors.
  • DB Schenker.
  • What makes a good 3PL company?

    Understanding of one another’s needs and objectives

  • Agreement on clearly defined metrics
  • Consistent follow-up procedures
  • Analyzation of metrics and brainstorming of solutions to new challenges
  • What makes a good 3PL?

    How do they handle supply chain disruptions?

  • How do they respond to changes in order volume,destinations,or stocking levels?
  • How do they track products in the event of a recall?