Who is Josh in Waterloo Road?

Who is Josh in Waterloo Road?

William Rush (actor)
William Rush (born 6 July 1994) is a British actor, best known for his role in the BBC One school-based drama series Waterloo Road as Josh Stevenson.

What happened to Josh in Waterloo Road?

Josh goes through a lot during his time at Waterloo Road, from realising that he is gay to a cannabis addiction which later leads to him being diagnosed with schizophrenia….She-Hulk Trailer Dropped – The Loop.

Joshua Stevenson
Cause/Reason Got a job in Manchester working for Lorraine Donnegan
Born 28th April 1994

Does Josh come back in Waterloo Road?

Josh returns to Waterloo Road with his dad in Series eight to resit his exams.

Who dies in Season 8 of Waterloo Road?

List of deaths

No Name Date/Episode
18 Billy Byrne Series 8 Episode 10
19 Tina Allen Series 8 Episode 20
20 Tom Clarkson Series 8 Episode 30
21 Grantly Budgen Series 9 Episode 6

What episode does Josh have a breakdown in Waterloo Road?

Josh’s Breakdown – Waterloo Road – Series 7 Episode 24 – BBC One – YouTube.

What episode does Josh kiss Finn?

S06E04: Josh tries to kiss Finn.

What happened to Finn Sharkey?

Finn Sharkey is a former pupil from Waterloo Road….She-Hulk Trailer Dropped – The Loop.

Finn Sharkey
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 30
Cause/Reason Finished school and moved to Canada with Trudi Siddiqui
Born 1993

Who gets pregnant in Waterloo Road?

Chlo Grainger
Before Birth Chlo Grainger, a 17 year old student at Waterloo Road, discovered she was pregnant in Series 4 Episode 7 of Waterloo Road, with her husband, Donte Charles’ baby. While Chlo was horrified to discover she was pregnant, Donte was thrilled, saying this was the best thing to ever happen to them.

Does anyone commit suicide in Waterloo Road?

She invites Tom and Izzie to a fancy house where they became friends again, and in her bed, Lorna overdoses and passes in the hands of her two best friends, Tom and Izzie. She wrote a suicide note. The whole of Waterloo Road was shocked when hearing that Lorna has passed away.

Do Ronan and Vicky end up together?

Following a surprise wedding proposal to Vicki, Ronan was devastated to learn that his fiancée was having an affair with his best friend, Aiden and pregnant with his baby. Later when Vicki miscarried, it was Ronan who was there to offer comfort and support and the end of the series saw them rekindle their relationship.

Does Tom Clarkson have a son?

Tom and Jack Rimmer were the first main characters to be shown on screen in Series 1 Episode 1. Initially, Tom would have had 3 children, but sadly one was aborted, from ex Lorna, and one was unfortunately miscarried by Izzie following an argument with Lorna. So Tom only has one child, teenage son Josh.

Who does Tom Clarkson end up with?

In Series 2, him and Izzie briefly split up and it appears that him and Lorna are reconciling. However, in Series 2 Episode 10, Lorna commits suicide, due to being unable to cope with her multiple sclerosis, leaving Izzie and Tom devastated. Izzie and Tom later get engaged.

Do Amy and Finn get together?

Things are initially awkward between them, as, although friendly to one another, they do not have much of a connection. However, when Finn shares his knowledge and appreciation of tea, they find that they enjoy spending time together. Eventually, Finn asks Amy out, and she happily accepts.

Who does Janeece end up with?

Series 6. Janeece returned to Waterloo Road and became the school secretary in Series 6. She was pregnant at the time, but didn’t feel ready to be a mother, and agreed to hand over her baby to Waterloo Road’s food technology teacher, Ruby Fry, and her husband, John Fry, who were unable to conceive their own child.

Do Donte and Chlo stay together?

Chlo and Donte decide to keep their daughter and name her Izzie, after Chlo’s late mother Izzie Redpath. Donte and Chlo then go on to move to a house outside of Manchester University so Chlo can continue her studies, whilst raising their daughter together, thanks to a gift from Tom.

Do Donte and CHLO stay together?

How many episodes are in Series 8 of Waterloo Road?

Series 8 of Waterloo Road consisted of 30 Episodes, which premiered August 2012. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

How old was Josh on Waterloo Road when he died?

– Josh’s final line of the show When Josh met Tom, he was 14 years old. It was his 15th birthday on Series 5 Episode 14. In his last appearance he was 18. Josh aged 3 years on Waterloo Road. Josh has the same eyes as his dad, pointed out by his mum to Tom.

Is Waterloo Road a comprehensive school?

While a comprehensive school in all other series, Waterloo Road is a privately funded independent school for the majority of the eighth series. Production also relocated to Greenock, Scotland beginning with this series. This series shows the final appearance of Tom Clarkson ( Jason Done ).

What happened to Denzil Kelly at Waterloo Road?

As the new Waterloo Road opens its doors in Scotland for the first time, the staff and students from Rochdale are still reeling from the accident that killed Denzil Kelly and left Tariq in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, a troubled young couple arrive at Waterloo Road, appealing to Lorraine’s good nature for a chance to make a good future for themselves.