Who is James Herondale in love with?

Who is James Herondale in love with?

Grace Blackthorn
In “The Midnight Heir,” The Bane Chronicles. In 1903, Magnus returns to London to find a drunk James Herondale causing quite a ruckus. Magnus discovers that James is hopelessly in love with Grace Blackthorn, who is lethally beautiful.

Does Jace Herondale have a brother?

Sibling(s): Alec Lightwood (adoptive brother) Isabelle Lightwood (adoptive sister) Max Lightwood † (adoptive brother)

Does will Herondale have a sister?

Cecily Herondale (sister)

Who is Kit Herondale father?

Kit was raised by his father, a man who went by the name Johnny Rook. Unbeknownst to Kit, he came from a long line of Shadowhunters, descended from a secret Herondale line that has since been interbred with faerie blood of the First Heir. Like most Nephilim, he was born with the Sight.

Who loves Matthew Fairchild?

Cordelia Carstairs
Though his affection for her soon grew romantic. Lucie dismisses it as a childhood fancy when James brings it up, but Matthew believed himself in love with her for a long time. Eventually, after realizing it would go no further, Matthew moved his affection to Cordelia Carstairs.

Why do the merry thieves hate Alastair?

They had an elaborate discussion about Alastair’s time at the Academy—his getting bullied by the seniors, and turning into a bully to avoid being targeted again, envying the Merry Thieves for their friendship and subsequently carrying forward rumors.

What is Magnus Bane’s real name in the book?

Magnus Bane is Magnus’ real name. There is nothing more real than a name you choose for yourself.

Who does Lucie Herondale marry?

Jesse Blackthorn
According to a found family tree, she went on to marry Jesse Blackthorn, with whom she continued the Blackthorn line, and died in 1959 at the age of 71 or 72.

Was Magnus in love with will Herondale?

Early on, he has a romantic relationship with a vampire, Camille Belcourt. Magnus is a friend of Will Herondale, and aids him – and the other Shadowhunters – with various problems they encounter throughout the series. Magnus was said to take a liking towards Will Herondale.

How are Jace and Will Herondale related?

Owen then had Marcus who married Imogen, and they had Jace’s father, Stephen Herondale. Therefore, Will is Jace’s fourth great grandfather.