Who is Carmen Sternwood in The Big Sleep?

Who is Carmen Sternwood in The Big Sleep?

Martha Vickers
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What happens to Carmen in The Big Sleep?

They go to an abandoned field, where she tries to kill him, but he has loaded the gun with blanks and merely laughs at her; the shock causes Carmen to have an epileptic seizure. Marlowe brings her back and tells Vivian he has guessed the truth: Carmen came on to Rusty and he spurned her, so she killed him.

What happens to General Sternwood in The Big Sleep?

But General Sternwood does not directly ask the detective to follow up that case at first; later, when Marlowe starts to investigate Regan’s disappearance too, the general offers the detective $1,000 if he can find Rusty. Sternwood is severely ill and dying.

Who is Vivian sternwood?

Vivian Sternwood The elder of General Sternwood’s wild daughters.

Who killed Geiger?

driver Owen Taylor
Marlowe discovers Geiger’s store, and tails him back to his house. There, Geiger entertains Carmen before being shot and killed by a fleeing aggressor. Marlowe later discovers that the Sternwoods’ driver Owen Taylor is the murderer, having killed Geiger out of jealousy over Carmen.

Who is Mars in The Big Sleep?

Eddie Mars is a racketeer, a gambler, a “bad guy,” and, most importantly, Marlowe’s foil. Mars personifies everything Marlowe stands against: he is dirty and crooked, and he is directly or indirectly behind almost every murder in the novel.

How does The Big Sleep movie end?

Mars doesn’t get any prison time, even though he was behind many of the murders and crimes. The secret of the Sternwood family won’t be made public, and Carmen will (in theory) be cured, not punished. Vivian also won’t have to pay for covering up the truth.

Who Killed Harry Jones in The Big Sleep?

Marlowe mocks Jones, calling him “little man” because he is short. Yet, Jones displays great strength of character—namely, he lies to Lash Canino, Mars’s hired assassin, when interrogated about where Agnes Lozelle lives. Canino puts cyanide in Jones’s whiskey, killing him.

Who is silver wig in The Big Sleep?

Mona, whom Marlowe calls “Silver-Wig” because of the platinum wig she is wearing. Mona defends Eddie Mars because she is in love with him, even when Marlowe accuses Mars of being a murderer—or worse, a murderer by proxy.

Is Vivian sternwood a femme fatale?

From her appearance and her behaviour Vivian seems to be a femme fatale, but in the end of the novel we learn that she is not, because she lacks one important feature of the femme fatale: She does not do it for herself, but to protect her father from the knowledge that he raised a murderer and Carmen from being …

Who is Canino in The Big Sleep?

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Who killed Sean Reagan?

But… essentially, Carmen Sternwood killed Sean Regan and Eddie Mars / Arthur Gwynn Geiger were blackmailing her (or the Sternwoods) over it.

Who killed Taylor in The Big Sleep?

Joe Brody killed Owen Taylor and pushed his car into the ocean to get the film from Geiger’s camera back. Geiger’s shadow (Carol Lundgren) shot Brody as he answered his apartment door because he mistakenly thought that Brody was the one who killed Geiger.

Is The Big Sleep confusing?

Film noir The Big Sleep was released 75 years ago. While its plot has been criticised as ‘cryptic’ and ‘confusing’, that can also be a virtue, writes Nicholas Barber, arguing that we should embrace ambiguity. The Big Sleep was released 75 years ago, and its plot has been puzzling viewers ever since.

What piece does Marlowe move in the chess game Why is this significant?

It is here that Marlowe looks down at the chessboard in his room and, significantly, moves the knight piece. However, within the same scene, he realizes that it was the wrong move, and he retracts it, claiming that knights have no place in such a world: “Knights had no meaning in this game.

Who is Doghouse Reilly?

“D. H. Reilly,” standing for “Doghouse Reilly,” may have been an alias used by criminal middle-man Leo Renfro. The name appears in a byline of a 1992 newspaper article concerning a drug bust in the San Fernando Valley.

Who killed Eddie Mars?

Canino, one of Eddie Mars’ henchman, poisoned Harry Jones because he knew too much (via Agnes). Marlowe killed Canino as he shot his way out of the house behind the service station. Eddie Mars was killed by his own men as he ran out of Geiger’s house. The ‘Big Sleep’ comes in 2 original production versions.

Who is Geiger in The Big Sleep?

Arthur Geiger is the man involved in the blackmail scheme to obtain a grand from General Sternwood for supposed gambling debts accrued by Carmen. He’s middle-aged, overweight, and runs a rare bookstore on Hollywood Boulevard that’s a front for his illegal pornography racket.

Who killed Geiger in The Big Sleep?

As the plot unfolds, Marlow begins to figure out that Taylor was in love with Carmen Sternwood, and that it was Taylor who killed Geiger in retaliation for the naughty pictures of Carmen that Geiger had taken. Owen Taylor’s death is not the only death linked to Geiger.

What color is associated with Canino?

Canino is Eddie Mars’ ruthless, trigger-happy hit man. He dresses all in brown and even drives a brown car. He poisons Harry Jones with cyanide after getting Agnes’ address from him.