Who is a famous Motown singer?

Who is a famous Motown singer?

Smokey Robinson had a unique role at Motown: he was one of their go-to songwriters and also lead vocalist of the Miracles.

Who was Motown’s biggest act?

Diana Ross and The Supremes
Diana Ross and The Supremes were the most successful group or artist in Motown’s history by at least one measure — their 12 Billboard No. 1 singles. The trio’s run of hits started with 1964’s “Where Did Our Love Go” and stretched into the early 1970s.

Who are current Motown artists?

Across six decades and a few relocations, the label would attain massive commercial and critical success, and today Motown continues to dominate modern pop music, thanks to a slew of new Motown artists – Migos, City Girls, and BJ The Chicago Kid among them – who are shaping the sound of modern R&B and hip-hop for a new …

Who wrote most of Motown’s top hits?

It could be argued that Holland-Dozier-Holland are the most prolific songwriting and production team in pop music’s long history. Over the course of five years, from 1962 to 1967, the trio wrote, arranged and produced many of the compositions that helped to establish the Motown sound.

Who is the Queen of Motown?

Mary Wells
Before the Supremes, before The Jackson 5, and before The Temptations, there was Mary Wells. In the early 1960s, the young Detroit native earned the nickname “the Queen of Motown” when she scored multiple hits for the legendary record label, including her signature song, “My Guy.”

Does Motown still exist?

Motown, as we’ve come to know it, does not exist anymore. It appears to not be a label, but more of a “label group,” now paired with Universal.

Is Berry Gordy a billionaire?

In 1988, Gordy sold his stake in Motown to MCA Records for $61 million ($120 million in today’s dollars)….Berry Gordy Net Worth.

Net Worth: $400 Million
Profession: Entrepreneur, Record producer, Songwriter, Businessperson, Film Producer, Television producer, Musician, Music executive

What was Motown’s first million selling record?

Shop Around
The Miracles’ ‘Shop Around’ became Motown Record’s first million-selling single on February 12, 1961. It was also the label’s first No. 1 hit on Billboard’s R&B singles chart. In the following ten years, the Miracles would have six more million-sellers.

Who was the best female singer in Motown?

Gladys Knight & The Pips With her phenomenal soulful voice, Gladys recorded a fantastic array of songs with The Pips on backing vocal duties. While they recorded their biggest hit – “Midnight Train To Georgia” – in the 70s for the Buddah label, their tenure at Motown was incredibly fruitful.

Who is the King of Motown?

Smokey Robinson
Known as the “King of Motown,” Smokey Robinson founded the R&B group The Miracles, which delivered 37 Top 40 hits for Motown Records.

What killed Motown?

Drugs, poverty, suicide and murder claimed many Motown figures. Gaye, a tortured soul whose stardom was marked by drugs, divorce, label disputes and bankruptcy, is probably the highest-profile casualty.

Which Motown singer had the most hits?

Berry Gordy Jr. On November 28,1929,Berry Gordy Jr. (number seven out of a family of eight children) was born.

  • Motown Sound. The sound of Motown was certainly one of a kind.
  • Racial Integration of Music. In 1959,the world was at great unrest concerning race relations.
  • Who were some of the singers of Motown?

    Notable artists on Universal Motown included Drake Bell, Ryan Leslie, Melanie Fiona, Kelly Rowland, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Veer Union and Four Year Strong. Motown celebrated its 50th anniversary on January 12, 2009.

    Who are the most successful Motown artists?

    – Smokey Robinson & the Miracles. – Stevie Wonder. – The Supremes. – Marvin Gaye. – The Temptations. – The Four Tops. – The Jackson 5.

    What Motown group had the most hits?

    Smokey Robinson&the Miracles. After becoming the first Motown act to break through to the mainstream,Smokey Robinson&the Miracles had a long stretch of hits through the

  • Stevie Wonder.
  • The Supremes.
  • Marvin Gaye.
  • The Temptations.
  • The Four Tops.
  • The Jackson 5