Who has played for Bristol City?

Who has played for Bristol City?

Bristol City » Players from A-Z

Player Country born
Tammy Abraham England 02/10/1997
Bob Adams England 28/02/1917
Dele Adebola Nigeria 23/06/1975
Hakeeb Adelakun England 11/06/1996

Who were the Ashton Gate 8?

Jimmy Mann, Trevor Tainton, Geoff Merrick, David Rodgers, Gerry Sweeney, Peter Aitken, Chris Garland and Julian Marshall are known as the Ashton Gate Eight.

When was the last time Bristol City played Bristol Rovers?

4 September 2013
Bristol derby

First meeting Eastville Rovers 4–0 Bristol South End 1895–96 Gloucestershire Senior Challenge Cup (25 January 1896)
Latest meeting Bristol City 2–1 Bristol Rovers 2013–14 Football League Trophy (4 September 2013)
Stadiums Ashton Gate Memorial Stadium Twerton Park Eastville Stadium St John’s Lane

What does Korey Smith earn?

Swansea City Player Wages

Name Age Wages in £/Week
Declan John 25 8,250
Connor Roberts 25 15,000
Kyle Naughton 31 20,000
Korey Smith 29 15,000

What happened to the Ashton Gate Eight?

On February 3rd 1982, eight players selflessly tore up their contracts to save the club from financial ruin – an act which will never be forgotten. Bristol City were just minutes away from folding with the club set to cease trading at midday.

Who were the Bristol City eight?

It all came down to a piece of paper, on it written eight names, made up of players who were due wages. Those players were Gerry Sweeney, Dave Rodgers, Peter Aitken, Chris Garland, Trevor Tainton, Jimmy Mann and Julian Marshall, and they were soon summoned to meet the board.

Is Bristol Rovers better than Bristol City?

Bristol Rovers may be pining for a new stadium, but their current home has been ranked higher than rivals Bristol City in a list of Britain’s best football grounds.

Why are Bristol Rovers called gas?

The local nickname of the club is “The Gas”, derived from the gasworks next to their former home, Eastville Stadium. This nickname originally began as a derogatory term used by fans of their main rivals, Bristol City, but was affectionately adopted by the club and its supporters.

How much does Connor Roberts earn?

Swansea City Player Wages

Name Age Wages in £/Week
Jake Bidwell 27 12,500
Declan John 25 8,250
Connor Roberts 25 15,000
Kyle Naughton 31 20,000

Who is the oldest soccer team?

Czechia. The oldest football club still in existence today is Slavia Prague, founded in 1892.

When did Chris Garland play for Bristol City?

A forward, Garland began his professional career with Bristol City, for whom he played from 1965 to 1971. While with City he won his only international cap, for England under-23 against their Bulgarian counterparts in 1970.

Who is the manager of Bristol City FC?

Nigel PearsonBristol City Football Club / Manager