Who are the intruders on Big Brother?

Who are the intruders on Big Brother?

Brenton Parkes and Jules Rangiheuea are this year’s intruders. 26-year-old Parkes is a Sydney-based actor, model, DJ and entrepreneur. Describing himself as funny, creative, happy and loving, Parkes is ready to up the charm when competing against his fellow housemates.

Who won 2014 Big Brother?

surfer Ryan Ginns
SUNSHINE Coast surfer Ryan Ginns has been crowned the winner of Big Brother 2014. The 26-year-old is the first Queenslander to ever win the reality show last night, beating runner-up Travis Lunardi and second runner-up Skye Wheatley.

Will there be intruders in Big Brother 2021?

A total of “six intimidating” intruders will join the remaining cast and will be physical, social, and strategic threats. According to Channel 7, the house will be “rocked” when they enter the Big Brother house. Want to get to know them? Introducing the Big Brother Australia 2021 intruders!

Who is Adriana off Big Brother?

Sydney stylist Adriana Fernandez put up a good fight in the Big Brother house, becoming the first intruder to be voted out—but it wasn’t enough to keep the 53-year-old in the game.

Are cat and Lawson still together?

Cat and Lawson called it quits in 2019. Cat and Lawson officially called it quits in 2019. Breaking the news of their separation to Mamamia, the midwife confessed the split was “painful”. “We broke up early this year,” Cat said.

How old is Brenton Big Brother?

Topics. He’s one of two new intruders who entered the Big Brother House on Monday night and Sydney’s Brenton Parkes knows he had a target on his back. The 25-year-old actor, DJ and model is currently in the middle of his strategy which he told us came to him on a whim.

How much does Skye Wheatley weigh?

Our’s today article is also about a very aspiring and young fitness sensation whose popularity is unmatchable. The name of this 26-year-old Actress, Singer, fitness model, and YouTuber is Skye Wheatley….BODY MEASURMENTS.

Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 59 Kg
Measurements 38-28-40
Breast 38
Waist 28

Who voted out Ari?

Ari Kimber has been evicted from the Big Brother house, just one day before the show’s grand finale. The 22-year-old was left ‘devastated’ on Monday night’s emotion-filled episode, after he was voted out in the eleventh hour by his fellow housemate Marley Biyendolo.

Is Adriana from BB married?

Biography. Fun, playful and just a little bit naughty, Adriana is a larger than-life fashion stylist from Sydney’s South Coast. The married mother of three adult boys wants to show Australia that women aged 45+ can have a family, run a business and still look fit and have plenty of fun.

Do celebrities get paid to do Big Brother?

According to TMZ, Season 2 players were each paid $100,000 just for participating in the show. Season 3 houseguests are most likely paid the same amount regardless of how far they make it in the game.

Are Brenton and Christina still together?

‘Brenton and I are no longer together,’ Christina, 22, told the website. The Russian bombshell said the pair still message ‘every day’ but their relationship has turned into a friendship.