Which Trek FX is faster?

Which Trek FX is faster?

FX Sport 6 is the lightest and fastest fitness bike in the lineup.

Can Trek FX Go on gravel?

Commute to work or ride for fun FX is comfortable and versatile enough for wherever you roam—whether you’re commuting on city streets, cruising over crushed gravel roads, or hitting your local bike path.

How much does a Trek FX Weight?

27.72 lbs
FX 1 is a hybrid bike with a lightweight aluminum frame and quality parts that perform wherever you like to ride….Specifications.

Weight M – 12.57 kg / 27.72 lbs
Weight limit This bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 pounds (136 kg).

How many speeds are on the Trek FX 3?


*Shifter Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL Shimano Acera M3000, 9 speed
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL Shimano Acera SL-M3010, 2 speed
Front derailleur Shimano Acera T3000, 34.9mm clamp, top swing, dual pull
Rear derailleur Shimano Alivio M3100, long cage
*Crank Size: S, M Shimano MT210, 46/30, chainguard, 170mm length

Is Trek FX a road bike?

Think of FX Sport models as versatile road bikes with flat handlebars. They’re ready to ride and train as hard as you are.

What is the difference between Trek FX and verve?

Pick the FX for a lightweight speedy ride on pavement, the Dual Sport to handle rougher roads and trails, or the Verve for a comfortable happy medium. If you’re unsure if hybrid bikes are right for you, read our guide on the full collection of Trek bikes.

Where are Trek FX bikes made?

Where Are Trek Bikes Manufactured? Although Trek’s headquarters are based in Wisconsin, USA, their components and bikes are manufactured across the world, primarily in the Netherlands, China, Taiwan and Germany.

What type of bike is Trek FX?

hybrid bike
FX 1 is a hybrid bike with a lightweight aluminum frame and quality parts that perform wherever you like to ride. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get out more, ride as a family, do a bit of exercise, or commute to work on a versatile bike backed by a lifetime warranty.

Is Trek 7.2 FX a hybrid bike?

The Trek 7.2 FX is a comfortable hybrid bike with a rigid fork that debuted in 2006 and was discontinued in 2016. It’s a Trek bike from five years ago.

Is Trek FX 1 fast?

Conclusion. When looking for the best fitness bike or daily commuter the Trek FX 1 is a great choice. The FX series is one of Trek’s most popular models and will be a bike you use for years to come. The reliable shimano shifter and derailleurs offer a smooth, fast and reliable ride on a lightweight, responsive frame.

How many gears does a trek fx3 have?

FX 3 Disc is a lightweight and fast fitness bike, commuter and neighbourhood cruiser all in one. For all the great things about this bike, the best tech upgrade is the 2×9 drivetrain. This 18-speed set-up is like what you’d see on a road bike: light, efficient and built for speed.

How does DuoTrap Bluetooth work?

Bontrager DuoTrap is the integrated sensor that wirelessly transmits ANT+ and Bluetooth® Smart signals to your computer or phone. The easy-to-use sensor installs in seconds and fits directly into the chainstay of select Trek bicycles for a clean look and preserved aerodynamics.

Is Trek Marlin 7 good for commuting?

5 Things We Love About The Trek Marlin 7 Rear mounts make this a good choice for touring and commuting. This switch is easy to reach while riding and handy when you’re rolling on pavement and don’t need the front suspension. The 36/22 chainrings give you all the go-fast and get-up-the-hill gearing you’ll need.

How much slower are gravel bikes than road bikes?

With a gravel bike, you can maintain a speed of about 16mph – 22mph on paved roads while riding in the city. This depends on your fit, gearing, and power output. A gravel bike won’t be as fast as a road bike for city riding because the latter is designed for speed and competitive cycling.

What is a Trek 7.2 FX worth?

As of today most used Trek 7.2 FX’s are worth around $150.

What bike is comparable to the trek fx2?

Bike Comparison

MSRP $685 $969
Brake Type Hydraulic Disc Hydraulic Disc
Groupset Acera, Altus Sora, Shimano
Drivetrain 3 × 9 2 × 9
Gear Range Cannondale Quick 5 38 mph Fuji Absolute 1.3 39 mph Trek FX 2 Disc 38 mph