Which places comes under Tirunelveli district?

Which places comes under Tirunelveli district?

Total Numbers

  • Tirunelveli.
  • Palayamkottai.
  • Ambasamudram.
  • Nanguneri.
  • Radhapuram.
  • Manur.
  • Cheranmahadevi.

Which is famous for Tirunelveli?

Tirunelveli has a number of historical monuments, with the Nellaiappar Temple being the most prominent. The city is also renowned throughout the state for a sweet called ‘Irutu kadai halwa’….Tirunelveli.

Tirunelveli Nellai
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
Region Pandya Nadu
District Tirunelveli District

Why is Tirunelveli famous?

Being an ancient city famous for its various temples, Tirunelveli is one of the must visit places in Tamil nadu. The city is home to various perennial rivers and due to its location at the foothills of the Western Ghats Tirunelveli is also famous for its various waterfalls and is also nicknamed the Spa of South India.

Which caste is majority in Tirunelveli?

Nadar (also referred to as Nadan, Shanar and Shanan) is a Tamil caste of India. Nadars are predominant in the districts of Kanyakumari, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli and Virudhunagar.

Does Tirunelveli have beach?

The beach is very soft. You can still see seagulls here. There are not many people on this beach, but some people are sunbathing in towels.

Does Tirunelveli have a beach?

What food is special in Tirunelveli?

Region Delicacies of Tirunelveli

  • Varagu Ulundhu Saadham (Barnyard millet urad dhal rice)
  • Nellai Sodhi/Maapillai Sodhi.
  • Vazhaikkai Puttu (Podimas)
  • Ellu Thuvaiyal (Sesame chutney)
  • Aviyal.
  • Ulundham Paruppu saadham (Urad dhal rice)
  • Nellai Sambar.
  • Puli Milagai (Tamarind chilli)

What is palayamkottai famous for?

Religion. Hinduism is the dominant faith in Palayamkottai. The city has several Hindu temples: the Gopalaswamy temple, Thiripuraanthakaeshwarar temple, Ramar temple, and the Amman temple. The renovation of the Gopalaswamy temple was completed by the Government of Tamil Nadu recently.

Which food is famous in Kanyakumari?

What are famous food items in Kanyakumari? Kothu, Appam, Pazha Sarbath, and Maravazhi Kilangu are some of the most famous food items in Kanyakumari.

Which is rowdy area in Chennai?


Pulianthope புளியந்தோப்பு
District Chennai
Metro Chennai
Elevation 5 m (16 ft)

Which caste is highest in Tirunelveli?

Nadars are predominant in the districts of Kanyakumari, Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli and Virudhunagar.

Are Nadars Dalits?

Tamil Nadu’s Nadars belong to a community in the middle of India’s caste system, occupying a place barely above the untouchables, now called Dalits. Academics and analysts have closely watched the rise of the Nadar caste for clues about the role caste barriers play in holding back India’s economic progress.

What should I buy in Nagercoil?

Nagercoil is famous for its handicrafts like wood carving, wooden lacquer ware and lace work and embroidery for exports. But there is one area where Nagercoil’s name shines since traditional times – the making of temple jewellery.