Which job is best for physiotherapist?

Which job is best for physiotherapist?

Career Options in Physiotherapy

  • Consultant Physiotherapist in Multi-specialty Hospitals, Health Care Centers, NGOs.
  • Corporate Physiotherapist in MNCs.
  • Health Care Physiotherapy Instructor in Modern Gymnasiums.
  • Ergonomic Care Advisor.
  • Physiotherapist in Special Schools for Physically Challenged Children.

What are the current work opportunities in physiotherapist?


  • provincial hospitals.
  • Department of Health.
  • rehabilitation centres for the physically handicapped.
  • special schools eg. schools for the cerebral palsied.
  • mining companies.
  • homes for the aged.
  • sports and recreation clubs.
  • universities.

Can I work as a physiotherapist from home?

There are a number of choices for physiotherapists when it comes to choices of premises. Some choose to see their clients in their own home while others look for a property or room to rent so that patients can come to them. Others decide to set up a home office where patients can come for treatment.

Is physiotherapist job in demand?

It a sunrise for this un explored medical science of Physiotherapy is There is a great — and rising — demand for physiotherapists with all kinds of patients, including those recovering from surgery and accidents and those suffering from chronic diseases like arthritis, needing their services.

Who earns more BDS or BPT?

Both career options are good. Nowadays BDS graduates are facing challenges in getting job as supply is more in comparison to demand. BPT is slowly getting acceptance. Damini, in BDS you will have more chances of income as compared to BPT but you will have to open a clinic for that.

What can I do after BPT other than MPT?

After BPT, other than MPT, you may opt for courses such as ,Masters Programme In Sports Physiotherapy (M.S.P.T),Post Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy and Nutrition,MBA in Healthcare Management. You may opt for specialized fields such as Integumentary, Cardiopulmonary-Sports Physiotherapy.

Is Indian BPT degree valid in Canada?

Also, your degree in PT in India is not recognised in Canada, which means you will have to do a course in PT in Canada in order to qualify for the physiotherapy jobs.

Is BPT from India Valid in UK?

Dear Aspirant, Since you are a non-European physiotherapist and want to work in the United Kingdom, you will initially have to apply for HCPC or Health and Care Professions Council. They will research your background and check your educational qualification and your history in academic.

What is the salary of BPT in India?

BPT salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.1 Lakhs to ₹ 4.5 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 2.1 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 17 salaries received from BPTs.

Are physiotherapist called Dr?

Physiotherapists cannot prefix ‘Dr. ‘ before their names, as they are paramedics and technicians not doctors, the Tamil Nadu Medical Council has cautioned. However, with some private physiotherapists continuing to use the prefix ‘Dr.

Which is best B Pharma or BPT?

BPT is much better in terms of scope job and availability. If you do BPT, you are a therapist with allied health professional certificate that means u have authority to be called doctor and use prefix Dr. Moreover there is huge scope awaiting.

Which is better BDS or BPT?

Is BPT a good career option for female?

BPT (Physiotherapy) is one the most demanding course for girls students due to its working pattern and vast career options. It’s very good for girls as they can join any orthopedic surgeon or doctor as a consultant or they can have their own clinic where they can go just 3–4 hr and can earn a good salary.

Is B Pharm better than BPT?

Which country is best for physiotherapist?

The best countries for physiotherapy are the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and parts of western Europe. Due to the quality of healthcare in these countries, physiotherapy is taught to a high standard using the latest research methods.

Can Indian physiotherapist work in Switzerland?

In order to practise as a physiotherapist in Switzerland, qualifications gained abroad must be recognised by the Swiss Red Cross (SRC)1. A type B, C, Ci, G, F or L residence permit is required for full recognition.

How many physiotherapist posts are there in West Delhi?

We are looking for 4 Physiotherapist Posts in West Delhi Delhi,Najafgarh Delhi,Uttam Nagar Delhi with deep knowledge in Physiotherapy,Physical Therapy,Bpt and Required Educational Qualification is : Diploma, Professional Degree

Do you need a physiotherapist doctor for a charity clinic?

We urgently require a Physiotherapist doctor for a totally charitable physiotherapy clinic where all the physiotherapy related services are given for free and in the best way possible. Job Role: Physiotherapist Experience- 0-6 months Co…

What is the role of a physiotherapist in clinical works?

The physiotherapist will function in a strategic position responsible for patient Treatment, Protocol & tracking of service delivery. The role will be to ensure that all patients receive high-quality service and will involve, execution of treatment s… Female Physiotherapist in Clinical Works. Clinic Address is Shalimar Garden Sahibabad Ghaziabad.

What skills do you need to be a physiotherapist?

Ready to work in any shift as… Diagnosing and treating patients with musculoskeletal spine problems Must have at least… 16,00,000 – 20,00,000 PA. He / She should have strong interpersonal skills, good administration skills, and stron… Preferred is candidate with Bachelor / Master in Physiotherapy Clinical experience in l…