Which iPod nano had a camera?

Which iPod nano had a camera?

iPod nano (5th generation)
iPod nano (5th generation) The inclusion of a camera and microphone on the back of the device.

Does iPod have video camera?

Like its more powerful sibling, the iPhone, the iPod touch has a pair of cameras that can be used to take photos, videos, and even have video chats using Apple’s FaceTime video chatting technology.

Does the 5th gen iPod nano have a camera?

Hardware boost At 6mm thick, the fifth-generation nano is just as thin as ever. With this in mind, it’s perhaps even more impressive that Apple has managed to squeeze a video camera into the chassis, along with a slightly larger LCD display.

Why did the iPod nano have a camera?

SAN FRANCISCO—September 9, 2009—Apple® today introduced the new iPod nano®, adding a video camera, mic and speaker to the world’s most popular music player. Music lovers can now shoot video wherever they are, view it on their iPod nano and use their computers to easily transfer their videos to YouTube.

What can iPod nano do?

iPod nano makes it easy to find and listen to songs, podcasts, and iTunes U items. You can repeat songs, fast-forward, shuffle, and create playlists using the Multi-Touch screen. You can play a Genius Mix—songs from your library that go great together—or create a Genius playlist based on a favorite song.

Do all ipods have cameras?

Apple’s decision not to include a camera in the new iPod Touch is somewhat surprising. After all, there is already a perfect camera for the job, and it sits inside the iPhone.

Does iPod nano 7th generation have a camera?

The iPod nano (7th Gen) models do not have a video camera. Incl. Accessories: Shipped with Apple “Earpods” (headphones) as well as a “Lightning” to USB cable.

Does iPod touch have a camera?

Apple iPod Touch (7th generation): camera The camera hardware itself is exactly the same as its predecessor’s: on the front of the iPod touch is a 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera, while the rear sports a more advanced 8MP camera that supports autofocus, auto image stabilization and a f/2.4 aperture.

Which iPod does not have a camera?

iPod Touch
Apple today made a quiet update to its iPod touch lineup, launching a new 16 GB fifth-generation model without a rear camera for $229.

Why doesn’t my iPod have a camera?

apparently customers don’t want a camera in their iPod touch, Jobs said. It’s a cheap gaming device, and Apple wanted to concentrate on getting the price down to the magic $200 price point rather than stuffing distractions like cameras into it.

When did iPod nano with camera come out?

On Apple’s Lets Rock Event in 2009 a 5th generation iPod nano was introduced. It resembles the previous 4th generation model with a slightly larger screen, glossier case, and a video camera with microphone on the back corner. This was the only click wheel and non-iOS iPod to feature a speaker, microphone, and camera.

What can an iPod nano do?

Does the new iPod Nano have a camera?

However, the easiest way to tell that you’re holding a fifth-generation iPod Nano is to flip it over. Unlike its fourth-generation sibling, the latest Nano has a bead-size camera lens on its lower left backside.

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  • How do you Put Photos on an iPod Nano?

    You can either drag on pic from you computer library to your iPod library; or you can right click on the photo you want, click copy, then place the cursor on the iPod library and right click again, and click paste. More Less. Jan 2, 2014 5:59 PM. Reply Helpful.

    What can you do with an iPod Nano?

    Install the latest version of the software on your computer.

  • Connect your iPod touch to your computer via a USB cable and open the software.
  • Click on the hamburger icon at the top of your software interface and choose Factory Reset iPhone.
  • Click on Fix Now on the following screen.
  • Click on Download to download the firmware for your iPod touch.