Which Indian song has most like on YouTube?

Which Indian song has most like on YouTube?

Most Liked Indian Music Videos on YouTube

# Title and Link
2 Vaaste Song: Dhvani Bhanushali, Tanishk Bagchi | Nikhil D | Bhushan Kumar | Radhika Rao, Vinay Sapru
3 Lehanga : Jass Manak (Official Video) Satti Dhillon | Latest Punjabi Songs | GK.DIGITAL | Geet MP3

Can I upload old Hindi songs on YouTube?

You still can’t use it. The only way to legally use music on YouTube is to get permission from the copyright holder (or whoever does actually “own the rights” to the song).

Which Hindi song have more views on YouTube?

Sung by Gulshan Kumar and Hariharan, Hanuman Chalisa which is available on T-Series Bhakti Sagar is the most viewed Hindi video song and has more than 2.38 billion viewers on YouTube platform.

Is T-Series still on YouTube?

On YouTube, T-Series has a multi-channel network, with 30 channels (including Lahari Music) that have over 382.3 million subscribers as of 15 December 2021….T-Series (company)

Trade name T-Series
Owner Gulshan Kumar (1983–1997) Bhushan Kumar (1997–present)
YouTube information
Channel T-Series
Years active 2006–present

Is there a 100 million play button?

Play Buttons The Red Diamond Play Button is a special award by YouTube given to channels who reach 100,000,000 (100 million) subscribers. There are currently only four YouTube channels that have received this award, that being of YouTuber PewDiePie, the Indian music label T-Series, Cocomelon and SET India.

Is any Indian song won Grammy?

Two Indians – Falguni Shah and Ricky Kej win big at the 64th Grammy Awards.

Who is No 2 YouTuber in India?

2. Amit Bhadana – Master Bhi Kehde Ise Na Padhana, Naam Hai Iska Amit Bhadana! Known for creating content that relates to every day life, Amit Bhadana’s’ youtube videos are usually comedy sketches.

Who has Ruby play button?

Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie was the first receiver of the Ruby Play Button or Custom Play Button. He received the award in 2016. Ruby Play Button is the second highest honour given to YouTubers after Red Diamond, which is given to channels that reach 100 million subscribers.