Which degree is best for Mass Communication?

Which degree is best for Mass Communication?

The best mass communication courses to pursue in India are BJMC, BMC, BJ, BA in Journalism & Mass Communication, and BSc in Journalism & Mass Communication.

Can we do Mass Communication after 12th?

Ans: Yes. Anyone who holds a Graduation Degree in Any stream from recognized Institutes/University can pursue PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication Course, of which duration is 1 Year.

Which stream is best for Mass Communication?

Class 12 Arts students can choose to graduate in main stream subjects like – History, Political Science, Psychology, Hindi, English, and other subjects. Offbeat fields like BA in Mass Communication and Journalism, also known as BAJMC, is one of the most popular course opted by Arts students.

What can I do in Bachelor of Mass Communication?

A bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in mass communication can lead to a diverse selection of career opportunities, in fields such as advertising and marketing, journalism, healthcare, public relations, social and digital media, nonprofit, consulting, financial services, government, and more.

How much is mass communication salary?

Mass Communication Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $93,500 $7,791
75th Percentile $66,000 $5,500
Average $54,372 $4,531
25th Percentile $33,500 $2,791

What is the cut off mark for mass communication?

Standing on this JAMB admission standard, the minimum and required JAMB cut off mark for Mass communication (Mass Com) in Polytechnics is 140.

Which is better BBA or Bjmc?

If you want to pursue an MBA in the future, BBA is a better option than BJMC because BBA would provide you with more content and an industry-driven approach to your career.

What courses are under mass communication?

More Courses in Mass Communication (4th year and above)

  • Mass Communication Law and Ethics 2.
  • International Communication 2.
  • Advanced Radio/TV Production 2.
  • Advanced Newspaper Production 2.
  • Advanced Magazine Production 2.
  • Print Seminar 2.
  • Advanced Public Relations 2.
  • Station Management and Operations 2.

Is maths compulsory for Mass Communication?

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS are required to have five credit level passes in the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (S.S.C.E.) or its equivalent. These should include English Language, Literature in English and an approved science subject. A pass in Mathematics is also required.