Which country use 50000 note?

Which country use 50000 note?

The 50,000 Colombian peso note is the second highest denomination of Colombian currency….50,000 Colombian peso note.

Material used cotton fibre
Years of printing 2000 – 2016 2016 – present (new version)
Design Gabriel García Márquez

What does a 50000 peso bill look like?

The Banco de Mexico started issuing these 50000 Pesos banknotes in 1986. The banknote of 50000 Pesos depicts the portrait of The latest Aztec ruler of Tenochtitlan and The back side of the purple coloured cincuenta mil pesos bill shows a fight between a Spaniard and Aztec.

Does old Mexican money have value?

A $100,000 peso note dating back to 1991 is exchangeable today for a $100 peso note with a value of around US$9. $1 and $5 peso notes dating back to pre-1975 are worth fractions of a cent and are now no more than museum pieces and collector’s items.

How much is $50000 pesos in US dollars?

50000 Mexican Peso = 2,555.0877 U.S. Dollar Following are currency exchange calculator and the details of exchange rates between Mexican Peso (MXN) and U.S. Dollar (USD).

What is the highest money note in the world?

Measuring in at roughly the size of a sheet of legal paper, the world’s largest single banknote is the 100,000-peso note created by the government of the Philippines in 1998.

Where can I sell old Mexican bills?

If you have old bank notes you want to exchange for present-day notes/coins, you need to take them to any of one Mexico’s retail banks, or to the the Bank of Mexico if the quantity/value exceeds the retail bank ‘exchange limit:’ the exchange limit at a retail bank is 500 individual notes or a present-day value of …

What is the largest bill in Mexico?

1,000 pesos
The note of the lowest denomination (20 pesos) is the smallest one, measuring 120-mm in length, and the note of highest denomination (1,000 pesos) is the longest, at 155-mm long. From each denomination to the next one (20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000) there is a difference of 7 mm in length.

Where can I sell my old Mexican bills?

How many pesos is 50000?

How much is $50,000.00 – the fifty thousand 💵 dollars is equals $977,031.85 (MXN) or 🇲🇽 nine hundred seventy-seven thousand thirty-one mexican pesos 85 centavos as of 06:00AM UTC. We utilize mid-market currency rates to convert USD to MXN currency pair.

How many dollars equals 1000 pesos?

50.08140 USD
Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates Mexican Peso / US Dollar
100 MXN 5.00814 USD
250 MXN 12.52035 USD
500 MXN 25.04070 USD
1000 MXN 50.08140 USD

What bill is worth the most money?

The world-famous 1890 Grand Watermelon $1,000 treasury note exceeded all expectations when it fetched a staggering $3.3 million at auction in 2014, making it the world’s most valuable banknote. The bill is so-named on account of the green zeros on the note’s reverse, which have been likened to watermelons.

What does a 5000 peso bill look like?

The banknote of 5000 Pesos depicts the portrait of he Heroic Cadets or Boy Soldiers, were six Mexican teenage military cadets. These cadets died defending Mexico City’s Chapultepec Castle from invading U.S.forces in the 13 September 1847 Battle of Chapultepec, during the Mexican–American War.

Who has the prettiest money in the world?

It was recognized by the International Bank Note Society in a contest in which more than 100 banknotes from different parts of the world participated.

How much is 50000 pesos in dollars?

50000 Mexican Peso = 2,483.0285 U.S. Dollar Following are currency exchange calculator and the details of exchange rates between Mexican Peso (MXN) and U.S. Dollar (USD). Enter the amount of money to be converted from Mexican Peso (MXN) to U.S. Dollar (USD), it is converted as you type.