Which country is Suriname?

Which country is Suriname?

Suriname (/ˈsjʊərɪnæm, -nɑːm/ ( listen)) or Surinam, officially known as the Republic of Suriname (Dutch: Republiek Suriname [reːpyˌblik ˌsyːriˈnaːmə]), is a country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America….Suriname.

Republic of Suriname Republiek Suriname (Dutch)
Lingua franca Dutch and Sranan Tongo

What language does Suriname speak?

DutchSuriname / Official languageDutch is a West Germanic language spoken by about 25 million people as a first language and 5 million people as a second language, constituting most of the population of the Netherlands and about 60% of the population of Belgium. Wikipedia

Is Suriname a 3rd world country?

The smallest country in South America, Suriname is one of the world’s poorest countries, with over 70% of its population living under the poverty line.

Is Suriname part of Latin America?

Suriname is not part of Latin America, which probably sounds surprising as it is located within South America. Latin America consists of romance language-speaking Caribbean islands, Mexico, Central America, and the entire continent of South America.

Is Suriname a good place to live?

Suriname was ranked 94 out of 182 countries on the Human Development Index (HDI).

How many Indian live in Suriname?

Indians in Suriname Indo-Surinamese are the largest ethnic group in Suriname, forming 27.4% of the total population. Per the 2012 Census of Suriname, 148,443 citizens of Suriname are of Indian origin.

Why does Suriname have Indians?

Concerned plantation owners lobbied the Dutch government, and the colonial parliament of Suriname, to allow the procurement of indentured labourers from British India. On September 8, 1870, the Suriname immigration treaty was drafted and three years later began the immigration of Indian labourers.

Is crime high in Suriname?

Suriname crime rate & statistics for 2017 was 5.43, a 25.13% decline from 2016. Suriname crime rate & statistics for 2016 was 7.26, a 19.36% increase from 2015. Suriname crime rate & statistics for 2015 was 6.08, a 5.14% increase from 2014. Suriname crime rate & statistics for 2014 was 5.78, a 9.15% increase from 2013.

What is India called in Dutch?


From To Via
• Indian → Indiaan ↔ Indianer
• Indian → Indiaanse ↔ Indianerin
• Indian → Indiaans ↔ indianisch
• Indian → Indiaan ↔ Amérindien

Why is Suriname so poor?

The causes of poverty in Suriname began with Dutch colonization and continue to suffer from structural shortcomings and poor governance, as is common with many postcolonial nations in the global South. Suriname and the Netherlands maintain a strained relationship after Desi Bouterse’s military government rose to power.

Who came first to India British or Dutch?

The correct answer is Portuguese. Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama was the first European to reach India via the Atlantic Ocean at Calicut in India. Portuguese were followed by the Dutch when they tried to enter the Indian market in the middle of the 16th century.

Who defeated Dutch in India?

In 1741, a battle was fought at Kulachal between the Dutch East India Company and the ruler of Travancore, Anizham Tirunal Martanda Varma (1729 – 1758). In the 1741 battle of Kulachal, the Travancore Prince defeated the Dutch marking the eclipse of the Dutch power in India forcing them to pack off to Batavia (Djkarta).

How did the city of Taal get its name?

The municipality of Taal and the Taa-lan River (now known as Pansipit River) were named after the Taa-lan tree, which grows along the river. The tree also grew along the shore of Bombon Lake (now known as Taal Lake). The Taa-lan River was a narrow channel that connects the present-day Taal Lake and Balayan Bay to each other.

Where can I find information about Suriname?

The World Factbook. Central Intelligence Agency. Suriname at UCB Libraries GovPubs. Suriname from the BBC News. Key Development Forecasts for Suriname from International Futures. 1 As the “Turkish Cypriot State”.

What languages are spoken in Suriname?

Suriname has roughly 14 local languages, but Dutch is the sole official language and is the language used in education, government, business, and the media. Over 60% of the population are native speakers of Dutch and around 20%-30% speak it as a second language. In 2004, Suriname became an associate member of the Dutch Language Union.

What is the largest group of people in Surinamese?

However, the largest group of people are the Afro-Surinamese, at around 37.4%. They are usually divided into two cultural/ethnic groups: the Creoles and the Maroons.