Where is VIP entrance at Staples Center?

Where is VIP entrance at Staples Center?

All guests should sign in and out. To access Suite Level A (Premier Level), enter the arena from the street level at either VIP entrance located at Star Plaza or at the southwest corner of the building.

Where is VIP parking at Staples Center?

All guests are encouraged to park in the Lot W West Garage using Gate E or Gate F off of Georgia St. After parking, guests should proceed to the security check-in point located by the Star VIP Entrance.

Where do I park at Staples Center?

Where to park at Staples Center. There are two official on-site parking lots at Staples Center – the West Garage (Lot W), and the East Garage (Lot E). Between the two, they have more than 3300 parking spots. Besides, there is plenty of street parking nearby as well.

What is PR at Staples Center?

Premier Seating
Club Seats Club seating at Staples Center is also called Premier Seating. Premier seating sections are labelled PR and corner sections are PR1, PR2, PR3, PR16, PR17, PR18, PR10, PR11, PR12 PR7, PR8 and PR9. Center premier sections PR4, PR5, PR6, PR13, PR14, PR15. Premier Section rows run from 1 to row 7.

What do you get with Premier seats at Staples Center?

After hours of research and personal explanations from representatives, here’s what we learned.

  • WHAT FANS RECEIVE WITH THE PURCHASE OF PREMIER SEATS: -The same seat for all Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks regular season home games, including playoffs.
  • -The seats range from $15,500 to $36,500 per seat.

What are good seats at Staples Center?

Any seats in the first 10 rows of the center floor section are considered “the best seats”. Seats in rows 11 to 20 are great as well. For concerts, we don’t recommend sitting in sections 4, 5, or 6 on the floor. The floor has no elevation so the likelihood is that your view will be blocked.

How much does parking cost at Staples Center?

How much does Staples Center parking cost? Staples Center parking starts at $10/2 hours at the official lots/garages and may go up depending on the event. Off-site lots offers some of the best parking near Staples Center is available for as low as $8/day.

How much is parking at Staples Center for a Lakers game?

Rates generally range between $15 – $25. For more specific event information, please call (213) 742-7275 (213-742-PARK). Please call (213) 742-7382 for pricing information.

Where can I park for free at Staples Center?

Free parking near Staples Center isn’t easy to come by, especially on game nights. You do have the option to park at any of the free street parking spots near the Staples Center, but be ready to walk a few blocks.

What are the best seats at Staples Center?

What are the best seats in the Staples Center?

How much are Staples Center premier seats?

-The seats range from $15,500 to $36,500 per seat.

What are suite seats at Staples Center?

The STAPLES Easy Center, located on Suite Level A (Premier Level), provides Premier Seat and Private Suite Holders with functional, intimate executive meeting space. It is conveniently location next to the two larger Wells Fargo conference rooms.

Can I bring a bag into Staples Center?

Bags and purses of any size are not permitted, including backpacks, clutches, totes, clear bags, and camera bags. Only bring necessary items that fit in your pocket. Wallets without chains/straps are allowed.

Where should I park for Lakers game?

Parking Lot Options

  • Lot #1/SW VIP VALET. 900 Chick Hearn Court. Los Angeles, CA 90015. Directions. Lot…

LA Live Way.

  • Blaine Lot. 1101 Blaine St. Los Angeles, CA 90015. Directions. Albany Lot. 1327 W 12th St. Los Angeles, CA 90015.
  • Lot 9. 1055 S Flower Street. Los Angeles, CA 90015. Directions. Lot 12. 840 Francisco Street.
  • Can I bring a backpack into Staples Center?

    What comes with premier seating at Staples Center?

    Are premier seats good at Staples Center?

    Premier tickets for $160 is a good deal. The Premier section has a special entrance. They also have servers and the food on that floor is much better than food on the other levels. The face value of tickets in section 104 is around $165.

    What comes with premier seats at Staples Center?

    How much is a private suite at the Staples Center?

    Staples Center suites start as low as $2,800 and go up to $6,000, depending on the opponent and day of the week. Ducks suites range from $1,900 to $4,000.