Where is Tetra Pak headquarters?

Where is Tetra Pak headquarters?

Pully, SwitzerlandTetra Pak / HeadquartersPully is a municipality in Switzerland in the canton of Vaud, located in the district of Lavaux-Oron. It is one of the eastern suburbs of the city of Lausanne, located on the shores of Lake Geneva and at the foot of the vineyards of Lavaux on the road to Vevey and Montreux. Wikipedia

Is Tetra Pak a public company?

They’re very private, which is why it’s tough to find information on who they are…that’s just what they want to be.” Beyond Tetra Laval and a handful of other companies and charities they are involved with, very little is known about Kirsten, Finn and Jorn Rausing.

Who are Tetra Pak competitors?

Tetra Pak competitors include Alfa Laval, The Coca-Cola Company, SIG and Elopak.

How many factories does Tetra Pak have?

30 Tetra Pak
Out of the 30 Tetra Pak packaging material factories currently in operation worldwide, 27 have received one or more TPM awards.

Is Tetra Pak a big company?

Tetra Pak is currently the largest food packaging company in the world by sales, operating in more than 160 countries and with over 24,800 employees (2017).

Who invented Tetra Pak?

Ruben RausingTetra Pak / Founder

Where does Sigrid Rausing live?

Personal life. Rausing is married to South African-born TV, film and theatre producer Eric Abraham. They own Aubrey House in Holland Park, and the Coignafearn estate, in the Monadh Liath, in the Highlands of Scotland.

Where do the rausings live?

The Rausing family are a wealthy Swedish family, best known for the Tetra Pak founder Ruben Rausing. Several members of the family now live in the United Kingdom.

Who founded Tetra Pak?

How big a company is Tetra Pak?

Tetra Pak has almost 23,000 employees, and its packaging is used in 170 countries. It still specializes in containers for liquids that are not refrigerated, like broth, juice and soup.

How old is Kirsten Rausing?

70 years (June 6, 1952)Kirsten Rausing / Age