Where is paint code on Ford C Max?

Where is paint code on Ford C Max?

Choose your Automotive paint color for your 2018 Ford C-Max The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb.

What color silver does Ford use?

The hexadecimal color code #c5ced4 is a light shade of cyan-blue. In the RGB color model #c5ced4 is comprised of 77.25% red, 80.78% green and 83.14% blue.

What is the paint code for Ford iconic silver?

Ford Iconic Silver | JS / 7432 | OEM Basecoat.

What is my Ford paint code?

Finding Your Color Code in Your Car. Look on the driver’s side front door panel. In most cases, the color paint code in Ford vehicles is written on a manufacturer’s label located on the driver’s side front door panel, usually along the rear edge of the door.

What is the paint code for Ford Moondust Silver?

Ford Silver Moondust / #b8c2cd Hex Color Code.

What is the paint code for Ford magnetic metallic?

Verify your Ford’s color code is ‘J7/M7325’ before ordering. Always verify your Ford color code on your vehicle before ordering. Magnetic Metallic may go by several different names and color samples shown for 2019 Ford Mustang are approximate. Show 15 other colors for 2019 Ford Mustang.

What is the paint code for ingot silver?

Color Code: UX/M7226.

What color is Ford YZ paint?

Oxford White
Ford Motor Company lists both Ford paint codes YZ and Z1 as Oxford White, however, the Z1 paint code is a much whiter color then the YZ which is creamier white.

How do I find my Ford colour code UK?

Location: The paint code on Ford models can almost always be found on the driver’s side door jamb, or the door edge.

What colour is my car paint by Reg?

Unfortunately, there is currently no online tool that identifies the car’s paint code from the registration (REG) number. That being said, if you contact your local dealership, they should be able to provide the colour code from your registration and car details.

What Colour is moondust silver?

Its dominant colour is grey. The metallic appearance of the metallic Ford (europe) colour allows it to be produced only as a varnish finish….Ford (europe) 62 Moondust Silver Met. (feu 61 4514) color informations.

Colour 62
Main color group Grey
Recommended undercoat Light Grey
Support type Bodywork
Color type Metallic

What is my car Colour?

If you wish to find these numbers at home, you will need to find your VIN plate. Most often though, the paint code will be found on a plate/sticker inside the driver’s door or inside the glovebox.

Is Ford magnetic GREY metallic?

Its dominant colour is grey. The metallic appearance of the metallic Ford (europe) colour allows it to be produced only as a varnish finish….Ford (europe) 7325 Magnetic Grey Met. color informations.

Colour 7325
Color type Metallic

What color is Ford Magnetic Gray?

The new Magnetic Gray color replaces the Carbonized Gray color option, which was available for the prior model year. The new hue is one of three gray-silver colors available for 2021 Ford Medium Duty trucks, with the other two being Ingot Silver and Stone Gray.

What color is ingot?

Ingot silver metallic color code UX – Duplicolor.

What color is paint code UG?

White Platinum UG
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What are the paint color options for the Ford C Max?

Magnetic Metallic – color code: J7, Oxford White – color code: YZ/Z1, Ingot Silver Metallic – color code: UX are just some of the paint color codes that we offer in jars, pens, spray cans and more. Get your Ford C-Max looking its best by selecting one of the touch up paint color options above.

What is a paint code on a Ford?

A paint code is used to match your color of paint. All Fords have a paint code. Once you know where to look the code should be easy to find. You will need this to order Ford touch up paint. The paint will be specific to the color, model, make and year of your vehicle. This is why you need to confirm the code on your vehicle.

What are the different paint codes for paint colors?

Paint Codes Code (s) Name Z9 Blue Candy Tint Metallic Z2 Frozen White Z1 Oxford White W6 Nx Green Gem 2 Metallic

What are the paint codes for a Kodiak truck?

Paint Codes Code (s) Name J1 Kodiak Brown Metallic HN Guard Metallic HI Tectonic Silver Metallic HG, M7148A Smokestone Metallic