Where is Mbale found in Uganda?

Where is Mbale found in Uganda?

Mbale, the largest town in the district and the location of the district headquarters, is located approximately 245 kilometers (152 mi), by road, northeast of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and the largest city in that country. The coordinates of the district are: 00 57N, 34 20E.

Where is Mbale district found?

Eastern Uganda
Mbale District is a district in Eastern Uganda. It is named after the largest city in the district, Mbale, which also serves as the main administrative and commercial center in the sub-region.

How many counties are in Mbale district?

Political and Administrative Structure

Counties Sub Counties Parishes/Wards
Bungokho 20 (Subcounties) 128
Municipal 3 (Divisions) 14
Totals 23 142

Which county is Mbale?

Vihiga County
Mbale is a town in Kenya. It is the capital and largest town of Vihiga County.

How many divisions are in Mbale city?

3 Divisions
Mbale Municipal Local Government Council has 3 Divisions, 12 Wards and 83 Cells.

What is Mbale city known for?

Mbale City is considered one of the most ancient cities of Uganda yet a modern and progressive country hosting and acting as a financial hub for the many financial institutions in the city. The city serves as the main municipal, administrative and financial center of the Mbale district.

How many villages are in Mbale district?

Mbale is a district in Uganda. It has 14 subcounties, 48 parishes and 664 villages.

What language is spoken in Mbale Uganda?

Place in Eastern Uganda, Uganda, Mbale is situated in Eastern Region, Uganda and has an approximate population of 76,400 people. The local currency used in Uganda is UGX Shilling. The languages that are spoken in Uganda are mainly English, Ganda, Swahili and Arabic.

Which is the biggest district in Uganda?

These cities are spread out through the country’s 4 main regions and many districts. The 4 regions are Central or Buganda, Western, Eastern, and Northern….Guide to Cities in Uganda.

City District Population
1. Kampala Kampala 1,507,080
2. Nansana Wakiso 365,124
3. Kira Town Wakiso 317,157
4. Ssabagabo Wakiso 283,272

Which region is bulambuli?

Eastern Region
The district is named after ‘chief town’, Bulambuli, where the district headquarters are located….

Bulambuli District
District location in Uganda
Coordinates: 01°22′N 34°09′E
Country Uganda
Region Eastern Region, Uganda

Why is Kampala cooler than Mbale?

Kisoro is on a higher altitude than Kampala. Places like Kisoro, Kabale, Mbale, Mt. Rwenzori are cooler because they are at a higher altitude. Place near larger water bodies receive a lot of rain.

What is Mbale known for?

Mbale is one of the major towns in Eastern Uganda. It is popularly known for its Bamasaba (Bagisu) tribe of people who are well known for their male circumcision traditional culture locally known as Imbalu. The town is located below Mountain Elgon, the second highest mountain In Uganda.

How many villages are in Bulambuli district?

Bulambuli is a district in Uganda. It has 9 subcounties, 35 parishes and 483 villages.

How many parishes are in Bulambuli district?

It has 7 parishes and 86 villages.

Which district is richest in Uganda?

Kampala is the richest, most developed, most populated town and district in Uganda, it is also the country’s capital city. Kampala is strategically located at the centre of Uganda making it the most accessible city in the whole country by all regions if the country .

Which region is butaleja?

Butaleja District is a district in Eastern Uganda….

Butaleja District
Coordinates: 00°56′N 33°57′E
Country Uganda
Region Eastern Uganda
Capital Butaleja