Where can I find annual reports of Indian companies?

Where can I find annual reports of Indian companies?

The company’s website is the first and foremost source to find its financial statements. You can download the quarterly and annual reports of any company by visiting its official website and navigating to the ‘Investors’ or ‘Investor’s relations’ page.

How do I find old annual reports?

How to Find Old Annual Reports

  1. Look for old annual reports on a company’s investor relations website.
  2. Find old and new annual reports using the SEC’s online Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system.
  3. Tap into the historical records collections at university libraries.

How can I get annual report of unlisted Indian company?

Here I am giving the information in step wise with the assumption that you have company name.

  1. Step 1: Go to the MCA website
  2. Step 2:Search the company name.
  3. Step 3: Check the master data of company.
  4. Step 4:Register to MCA website.
  5. Step 5: Login to the MCA website.
  6. Step 6: View Public documents.

How do I find historical financial data of a company?

Users can access the EDGAR database at to search by companies and filings, by all SEC-registered companies in a particular state or country, or with a specific Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code. Current and historical EDGAR archives can be researched.

How can I get physical copy of annual report in India?

Just drop your mail to their secretarial department or any other designated department, for your request of physical copy of Annual Report of that Company. Kindly mention shareholder’s name, number of shares and folio number, in the mail.

How do I find the annual report of a listed company?

The AR is usually available on the company’s website (in the investor’s section) as a PDF document, or one can contact the company to get a hard copy of the same. Since the company’s annual report, whatever is mentioned in the AR is assumed to be official.

Where can you find annual reports of existing companies?

You can often find a company’s annual reports on the company’s own website. Annual reports can generally be found in the area of the company’s website that contains information for investors.

How do I find a company report?

The easiest way to find information on public companies is to perform a Google search for their investor relations website. Companies will provide their most recent documents including their annual report, 10-K, quarterly reports, news releases, and corporate presentations.

Where can I find financial statements of unlisted companies?

The financial data of all the unlisted companies in which currently the trade is happening is available on the

Where can I find 10 year financial data on companies?

You can find it on every stock’s symbol page under the ‘Financials’ tab. See a clear and powerful presentation of the company’s income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Where can I find financial reports of companies?

Free Resources for Financial Information

  • EDGAR–SEC Website.
  • Company’s Website.
  • Public Register’s Annual Reports.
  • Yahoo Finance.
  • Google Finance.
  • Company Spotlight from Investopedia.
  • Investor Relations Information Network (IRIN)
  • The Annual Reports Service.

Do companies mail annual reports?

Reporting companies must send annual reports to their shareholders when they hold annual meetings to elect directors. Under the proxy rules, reporting companies are required to post their proxy materials, including their annual reports, on their company websites.

How do I download an audit report from MCA?

You have to login to MCA portal. Click on View Public document. This option is available under Access Public Documents tab on the left hand side of homepage. It is also available under Services tab.

Are annual reports public?

Annual reports are published by publicly-traded companies to educate current and potential stockholders about company activities and performance. They contain discussions of the previous year’s activities, plans for the coming year(s), and financial data.

Where can I find annual reports for companies?

A company’s website will give you information about their activities, products and services. Many companies also provide access to their latest annual reports and financial statements on their websites. Search engines such as Google are the most effective way of finding company websites.

How can I get annual report of private limited company?


  1. Logging on
  2. Register yourself as registered user.
  3. Go Service option.
  4. Click Inspection public documents.
  5. Fill the CIN of desired company.
  6. After showing detail on MCA portal, click on first coloum and wait for payment detail.
  7. Pay on line the amount of Rs.

Where can I get free historical financial statements going back 10 20 years?

To get historical statements going back 10–20 years for free, you would need to go to | Home and pull the statements manually.

How do I find a company financial report?

Do companies still print annual reports?

The Securities and Exchange Commission still requires that every publicly traded company release an annual report in addition to the 10-K filings. But today, the vast majority of annual reports are in digital form, buried deep in the investor relations pages of corporate websites.

How do I download all files from MCA?

– Login to MCA Portal, – Go to MY WORKSPACE > Documents, – Click on the Download button to view the documents.

How to check annual report of a company in India?

Go to the corporate information archives at NSE India. Start typing the name of the company you are interested in the provided search box for “Company.” An AutoSuggest menu will begin to appear. Choose the company’s symbol and hit search. There you have the annual reports listed year wise!

How to find the last 10 year financial statements of Indian companies?

Although there are so many options for the investors to find the last 10 year financial statements of Indian companies, however, the easiest and best one is the company’s official website.

Where can I download the annual reports of the companies?

Therefore, it’s always advisable to download the annual reports of the companies from their official website while researching the company as it is a more reliable source.

What are the annual reports of the major stock exchanges in India?

The major stock exchanges of India started to host the annual reports of the listed companies from 2010. Hence they are our major source of information of any stock that you intend to buy.