Where can I do newspaper publication in Abuja?

Where can I do newspaper publication in Abuja?

Abuja Newspaper Publishers

  • 1Blueprint Newspaper. No 32A, Ontario Crescent, Off Mississippi Street, Maitama, Abuja FCT Nigeria.
  • 2Business Day.
  • 3Cable Newspaper Limited.
  • 4Daily Independent Newspapers Limited.
  • 5Daily Nigerian.
  • 6Daily Times of Nigeria PLC.
  • 7Daily Trust.
  • 8Guardian Newspapers Limited.

How much is newspaper publication for change of name in Nigeria?

They will charge you about N5,000 or above to public your old and new name on a page of their newspaper as a prove of change of name.

Do I need a newspaper publication for change of name?

Newspaper publication for change of name is an essential requirement needed to complete the change of name process. Before the newspaper publication of Change of name is done, one must first make an Affidavit for Change of Name.

What is the name of the fourth newspaper in Nigeria?

List of Nigerian Newspapers

S/N Newspaper Location
4 Compass Abeokuta
5 Complete Sports Lagos
6 Daily Champion Lagos
7 Daily Times of Nigeria

How can I publish my name on newspaper?

Details To Include In Newspaper Publication

  1. Old name of the applicant.
  2. New name of the applicant.
  3. Father’s/Husband’s name.
  4. Age of the applicant.
  5. Address.
  6. Number of the Affidavit for name change created prior by the applicant.
  7. Date on which the affidavit was made.
  8. Name Of Notary who has attested the affidavit.

Where can I change my name in Abuja?

To apply for Change of personal name in person, the applicant has to visit any nearest court in his/her state. Go to the office of the court and get the Affidavit for change of personal name in the Register according to his/her requirement.

How much does it cost to publish a name change in the newspaper in Nigeria?

Who reads The Guardian?

The Guardian + Observer target an educated, middle-class, left-leaning, 18+ audience.

Who owns the Sun newspaper?

tycoon Rupert Murdoch
The Sun is part of News Group Newspapers, which is a subsidiary of News International. This company is owned by the News Corporation Group, headed by world media tycoon Rupert Murdoch. The newspaper is printed from Monday to Saturday in tabloid format.

Who wrote the first Yoruba newspaper?


Title: The Iwe Irohin, 1859-1867
Author: Omu, Fred I.A.
Year: 1967
Periodical: Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria
Volume: 4