What was the wettest year in Perth?

What was the wettest year in Perth?

The highest rainfall ever recorded in Perth for July was in 1958 with 425.1mm of rain – no doubt the Swan River would have been at record levels that year.

What is the highest rainfall in Perth?

Some notable examples of extreme weather in summer are: Slow-moving storms on 8 and 9 February 1992 that brought 120.6 millimetres (4.75 in) of rain to Perth, and 173 mm (6.8 in) of rain to Jandakot Airport, which is the highest one day rainfall total in the metropolitan region.

What year was the wettest July in Perth?

July 2007 has been the wettest July since the 182.6 mm in 2001. Historically, July rainfall has ranged from 61.5 mm in 1876, to 425.1 mm in 1958. The wettest day in July 2007 was the 2nd when 27.8 mm was recorded. �Denotes the highest maximum temperature for July on record on the following dates: 17 & 18 July 1976.

How much rain fell in Perth?

Perth Metro recorded a rainfall total of 892 mm in 2021, which was more than 150 mm above the annual average, and the second-highest annual rainfall on record, behind the record of 904.8 mm in 1995.

What is the wettest town in Western Australia?

Wettest places by mean rainfall in Western Australia

Ranking Place Name Annual Mean Rainfall (mm)
1 Furnissdale, WA 1260 mm
2 Yunderup, WA 1260 mm
3 North Pinjarra, WA 1260 mm
4 Pinjarra, WA 1260 mm

Is this the wettest winter on record Perth?

But Lake Grace – an area declared water deficient in recent years due to climate change – recorded its wettest winter on record with 167 millimetres, smashing the 1998 record by 30mm. Water was being carted into the town as recently as 2020 due to dry conditions.

How much rain did Perth get in 2022?

Perth monthly rainfall totals

Year Jan TOTAL
2022 0.0 232.8
2021 0.2 888.4
Avg 1994 – 2019* 19.7 727.2
Avg 1876 – 2016** 9.7 844.5

Why is Perth so clean?

Perth is extremely clean – especially the air. We’ve got this amazing south westerly breeze nicknamed the “Fremantle Doctor” that kicks up around midday. Along with a handy knack for cooling the city down in summer, the wind brings fresh air off of the Indian Ocean, blowing any air pollution away.

Is WA the driest state in Australia?

South Australia is usually the driest state in Australia, with 2021 being no exception, having an average of 220.7mm average, which was 1% less than 2020.

How much rain has Perth had in June 2021?

Perth Metro recorded a monthly rainfall total of 93.6 mm, which was its driest June since 2017 (88 mm).

How much rain has Perth had in July 2021?

Consecutive coldfronts and severe storm systems have dumped more than 184 millimetres on the city this month, making it the wettest July since 2001, when 182mm was recorded. The Perth metro area’s July 2021 tally is now inching closer to July 2000’s mark of 231mm.