What was the purpose of Indrayani river Conservation project?

What was the purpose of Indrayani river Conservation project?

PUNE: The Alandi Municipal Council (AMC) proposes to take up the Indrayani river development project to help reduce pollution of the river. The civic body will seek funds from the Union ministry of environment and forests (MOEF) for the project which has been initiated by Shirur MP Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil.

When did the Indrayani river conservation project began 1 point?

The Indrayani river conservation project is one among several projects, started by the state fisheries department and Tata Power in 1971, included setting up a Mahseer hatchery at Walwan, Lonavla.

What is the type of Indrayani river?

Indrayani River is a rain-fed river, which originates in Lonavala, one of the hill stations located along the Mumbai-Pune Highway.

What is the length of Indrayani river?

Originating from the Western Ghats, River Indrayani, travels a total distance of 92.2 km, of which 20.6 km falls in the city of Pimpri Chinchwad, formerly a fringe area of Pune, and now a rapidly urbanising city.

Where does indrayani River originate?

LonavlaIndrayani river / Source

Where is indrayani?

The Indrayani River originates in Kurvande village near Lonavla, a hill station in the Sahyadri mountains of Maharashtra, India. Fed by rain, it flows east from there to meet the Bhima river, through the Hindu pilgrimage centers of Dehu and Alandi. It follows a course mostly north of the city of Pune.

Where is indrayani River located?

Which river flows through Lonavala?

The Pavana River is a notable river crossing the city of Pune, India. The river originates south of Lonavala from the Western Ghats, and flows a total of nearly 60 kilometres (37 mi) to meet Mula river in Pune City.

What does indrayani mean?

Indrayani is Marathi Girl name and meaning of this name is “Name of Sacred River; Holy River”.

Is indrayani train running?

22105 Indrayani Exp train runs from C Shivaji Mah T (CSMT) to Pune Jn (PUNE) on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. 22105 train covers 8 stations….22105 Indrayani Exp Running Status.

Station Thane 33 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 06:14 06:14
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 06:16 06:16
Delay On Time

Which river is known as chandrabhaga near Pandharpur?

The Bhima River
The Bhima River (also known as Chandrabhaga River) is a major river in Western India and South India. It flows southeast for 861 kilometres (535 mi) through Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana states, before entering the Krishna River.

Where is indrayani Express now?

22106 Indrayani Exp Running Status

Station Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled Delay
Pune Jn – Source On Time
Lonavala 63 km 19:28 19:28 On Time
Karjat 91 km 20:20 20:13 7min
Kalyan Jn 138 km 20:54 20:50 4min

Is Deccan Express running?

A: PUNE – MUMBAI CSMT Deccan Express is running late by 17 mins and is expected to arrive Lonavala at 16:40.

Where did Krishna meet Bhima River?

Sangam is a place of Mersing of Krishna & Bhima Rivers Located at the Border of Karnataka State. BhimaRiver merges with Krishna here. According to Guru Charitra (Dattatreya Charitra), this Mersing Point known as Nirvruthi Sangamam. This is very pure place (holistic) for the Hindus.

What is the source of Krishna River?

MahabaleshwarKrishna River / Source

Where is Deccan train now?

11007 Deccan Express Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
THANE (TNA) 07:33 Ontime
KALYAN JN (KYN) 07:53 Ontime
NERAL (NRL) 08:24 Ontime

What is the source of Bhima River?

Bhimashankar Temple
Bhima River/Sources
Bhima River, major tributary of the Krishna River, flowing through Maharashtra and Karnataka states, western India. It rises in the Bhimashankar heights of the Western Ghats and flows southeastward for 450 miles (725 km) in Maharashtra to join the Krishna in Karnataka.

Which dam is built on Bhima River?

the Ujani Dam
The reservoir created by the Ujani Dam is one of the largest backwaters in India. Ujani Dam is located in Solapur district. The dam is built on the Bhima River, southeast of Pune and northwest of Solapur. The height of the dam is 56.4 meters and the length is 2,534 meters.

What is the old name of Krishna River?

Krishna River, formerly Kistna, river of south-central India. One of India’s longest rivers, it has a total course of about 800 miles (1,290 km).

How many dams are there in Krishna River?

Two dams
Two dams, Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar are constructed across the Krishna River.