What was popular on YouTube 2013?

What was popular on YouTube 2013?

Baby & Me / The New Evian Film. Volvo Truck — The Epic Split featuring Jean Claude Van Damme. The Lonely Island’s YOLO featuring Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar. Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise.

Did YouTube stop doing YouTube Rewind?

Rewind did not return for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and YouTube announced the following year that the series would be discontinued.

Why was YouTube Rewind Cancelled?

YouTube scrapped its Rewind 2020 video due to COVID-19 and social unrest, but it’s not coming back now that the turmoil is (partly) calming down. As Tubefilter first confirmed, YouTube is cancelling its year-end Rewind videos once and for all. The service insists it’s not due to the blowback from Rewind 2018, however.

Why is YouTube Rewind so disliked?

Last December, the 2018 YouTube Rewind became the single most disliked video on YouTube, with creators and fans accusing it of being too corporate, highlighting brands and celebrities instead of the platform’s actual community.

Which YouTube Rewind was the best?

YouTube rewind – best to worst

  • YouTube Rewind: Now Watch Me 2015 – 2015.
  • YouTube Rewind 2010: Year in Review – 2010.
  • YouTube Rewind 2011 – 2011.
  • YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 – 2017.
  • YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record – 2019.
  • YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind – 2018.

Will 2021 have a YouTube Rewind?

In 2019, YouTube returned to its list format and in 2020, they pointed to the global pandemic as a reason for skipping Rewind altogether. Finally, in October 2021, YouTube announced Rewind would not be returning and that they would be highlighting creator-made rewind videos instead.

Is YouTube making a YouTube Rewind 2021?

YouTube Rewind is no more, but the platform is still doing a yearly roundup video. For 2021, they are launching a new format called Escape2021, which is the same sort of thing as YouTube Rewind but in a livestream.

Will YouTube make a 2021 Rewind?

What was the worst YouTube Rewind?

YouTube Rewind 2018
YouTube Rewind 2018 was heavily panned by critics, YouTubers, and viewers alike, who subsequently dubbed it the worst YouTube Rewind video to date.

What is the most viewed video on YouTube in 2012?

Gangnam Style
In December 2012, “Gangnam Style” became the first video to reach one billion views.

What was the last YouTube Rewind?

YouTube officially canceled Rewind in October, but the format died years ago. A sore spot for creators and fans alike, 2018’s Rewind was the platform’s last earnest attempt at a year-end video that celebrated the creator community while also wooing advertisers.

When did YouTube Rewind stop?

Who is the most disliked Youtuber?

Top videos

Rank Video name Uploader / artist
1 †”YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind” YouTube
2 “Baby Shark Dance” Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories
3 †”Sadak 2 Trailer” Fox Star Studios
4 “Baby” Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris

Why is YouTube Rewind 2018 hated?

It was also prominently criticized for its social commentary, which some felt was shoehorned into the video. Many people were also angered with PewDiePie’s exclusion, as his channel was the most-subscribed on the platform at the time.