What song is Joss Stone most known for?

What song is Joss Stone most known for?

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “Fell in Love with a Boy” 3:38
2. “Super Duper Love” 4:20
3. “You Had Me” 3:59
4. “Right to Be Wrong” 4:40

Who Covered Take Another Little Piece of My Heart?


Title Performer Release date
Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Dusty Springfield November 1968
Piece of My Heart Marmalade [GB] December 1968
Piece of My Heart Delaney & Bonnie February 1969
Piece of My Heart The Brooklyn Bridge March 1969

Who sang Super Duper?

Joss StoneSuper Duper Love / Artist

Who is Joss Stone’s partner or husband?

Joss Stone
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter actress
Years active 2001–present
Labels Relentless S-Curve Virgin Stone’d Surfdog Bay Street
Partner(s) Cody DaLuz

Who originally sang Take a little Piece of My Heart?

Erma Franklin’s
Erma Franklin’s original recording The original version of “Piece of My Heart” was recorded by Aretha Franklin’s older sister Erma in 1967 for producer Bert Berns’ Shout label with the same song on both sides of the 7-inch vinyl single.

Who covered Janis Joplin?

Artists covered by Janis Joplin

George Gershwin 26
Erma Franklin 25
The Chantels 21
Chip Taylor 21
Big Mama Thornton 17

What is meant by Super Duper?

Definition of super-duper : of the greatest excellence, size, effectiveness, or impressiveness.

When did super duper close?

March 2010
With the 1997 demise of its owner, Burt Prentice Flickinger Jr., who had been instrumental in the success and growth of “S.M. Flickinger Co.”, the company started a slow demise, and the last store disappeared in March 2010.

Who’s behind the mask Sausage?

The Masked Singer series two finally came to an end tonight (13 February), with viewers choosing Sausage as their winner, and discovering it was none other than Joss Stone all along!

What genre is Piece of My Heart?

RockPiece of My Heart / Genre