What size bearing is L44649?

What size bearing is L44649?

L44649/L44610 Taper Roller Wheel Bearings 1.0625 x 1.98 x 0.56 inch.

How do I know what size wheel bearing I need?

The easiest way to determine which bearings are used on your trailer axle is to take the hub off and check for the numbers stamped into the bearings. If the bearing numbers cannot be read, the next best solution is to find the bearings’ inner diameter.

Are inner and outer trailer bearings the same?

In the wheel hub, the bearing on the inside of the hub flange (the side closest to the centre of the trailer) is called the inner bearing. The bearing on the outside is called the outer bearing. To replace them, you’ll need to know the size and type of the bearings in your trailer’s wheel hub.

What size is wheel bearing L68149?

The inner diameter of bearing # L68149 is 1.378 inches. Both fit on a #84 spindle.

Are inner and outer bearings the same size?

Say the inner is larger than the outer? Helpful Expert Reply: Yes, hubs use different size bearings for the inner and outer bearings pretty frequently. The inner bearing will be the bigger size if there are two different size bearings.

What size bearing does a 3500 lb axle?

3500 lb axles have the most common and most consistent spindle sizes. They are typically 1.73 inches at the seal, 1.38 inches at the inner bearing and 1.06 inches at the outer bearing like # TRU24FR.

How much does it cost to replace bearings on a trailer?

Wheel bearings are usually designed to last an extremely long time. So, how much does it cost to pack wheel bearings on a trailer? Surprising little, expect to pay as little as $100 and at most $400.

What race goes with a L68149 bearing?

The # L68149 inner bearing is paired with the # L44649 outer bearing which takes a # L44610 race. You could also order the Bearing Kit for #84 Spindle, L44649/L68149 Bearings, 10-19 Double Lip Seal, # BK2-100, if the race mentioned above is the correct part for your application.

What seal goes with bearing L68149?

Expert Reply: When the L68149 bearing is paired with the L68111 race, the 10-19 grease seal is used. However when the same bearing is used with the L68110 race on a boat trailer, the # 168233 seal is usually used.

How tight should a bearing fit be?

tight to 0.004 in. tight. For a tight fit, the wheel hub inside diameter (ID) should be smaller than the outer race OD by the fit values shown on the tables. For inner race fits, the spindle OD should be smaller than the inner race bore within the loose fit range.

Are spacers necessary for bearings?

Bearing spacers are totally optional; longboarders and casual skaters likely won’t put enough pressure on their boards to ever need them, though they are definitely a good investment if you want to slide, do a lot of tricks, and generally skate hard.

Are all 3500 lb axle bearings the same?

In almost all cases 3,500 lb axles will all use the same bearings.

How often should I grease my trailer bearings?

12,000 miles
Proper lubrication helps maintain functionality and reliability of your trailer’s axle(s). Bearings should be lubricated approximately every 12 months or 12,000 miles unless otherwise specified by the axle manufacturer.

How often should I change the bearings on my trailer?

The axle manufacturers recommend that you repack your trailer bearings once annually or every 12,000 km.