What screwdriver do I need to open my HP Pavilion laptop?

What screwdriver do I need to open my HP Pavilion laptop?

Your model uses the 6.5 mm P1 Phillips-head screws. You have to purchase the 6.5 mm P1 Phillips-head screwdriver.

How do I remove the back of my laptop?

How to Remove the Back of a Laptop

  1. Power down the laptop and disconnect the power cable and any peripheral connections. Video of the Day.
  2. Close the laptop lid and carefully place the laptop face down on a flat surface.
  3. Locate holding screws around the perimeter of the back of the laptop.
  4. Lift off the back of the laptop.

How do I clean the fan on my HP Pavilion?

Wipe down the fan with a cloth and be careful to continually use the clean edge of the cloth to avoid sending big clumps of dust into the fan. Wipe down all the vents on the inside and outside of the laptop. Gently blow air into the fan to encourage any remaining dust particles to get out.

What size are the screws on an HP Pavilion laptop?

Remove the 6.5 mm P1 Phillips-head screw that secures the optical drive to the base enclosure.

How do I repair and Clean my Pavilion Dv6?

Refer to the guides, you can repair, upgrade and clean your Pavilion DV6. For the freshest produce, find us on Facebook for the latest teardown news. Turn off your laptop. Unlock and remove the battery. Release the latch. Remove the service cover. Once the service cover was removed, you can access the hard drive, RAM and wireless card.

How do I replace the DC jack on my HP Pavilion Dv6?

In HP Pavilion dv6 models the DC jack is not soldered to the motherboard. The DC jack attached to a harness and can be easily replaced without soldering. STEP 26. Remove one screw securing the motherboard. This screw located in the lower right corner of the motherboard.

How do I remove the palm rest on a Dell laptop?

Turn over the laptop. Lift up the keyboard. Disconnect the keyboard cable and remove the keyboard. Remove seven screws securing the palm rest. Disconnect all the cables. Remove all screws from the bottom case. Pry up the palm rest with a pry bar and guitar picks.

How to replace the memory module of the DVD drive?

STEP 1. Loosen six screws securing the hard drive and memory covers. One screw (green) also securing the DVD drive. STEP 2. Remove both covers and pull the DVD drive out. STEP 3. Lift up the hard drive assembly and disconnect hard drive cable from the motherboard. STEP 4. Both memory module are located on the bottom.