What school district is Plainwell Michigan?

What school district is Plainwell Michigan?

Plainwell Community Schools schools

District Name: Plainwell Community Schools schools for this district NCES District ID: 2628530 State District ID: MI-03010
Mailing Address: 600 School Dr Plainwell, MI 49080-1582 Physical Address: 600 School Dr Plainwell, MI 49080-1582 Phone: (269)685-5823
Type: Local school district Status: Open Total Schools: 7

What division is Plainwell High School?


MHSAA ID: 7211
League: Wolverine Conference
Enrollment: 811
Class/Div: B
City Plainwell

Who is the principal at Plainwell High School?

Jeffrey McNutt – Principal – Plainwell Community Schools | LinkedIn.

What is the zip code for Plainwell Michigan?

49080Plainwell / Zip code

What time does Otsego high school start?

Bell Schedules

Description / Period Start Time End Time
Warning Bell 7:25 AM
Homeroom 7:30 AM 7:37 AM
1st Period 7:40 AM 8:55 AM
2nd Period 9:00 AM 10:15 AM

How big is Plainwell High School?

Approximately 200 students graduate from Plainwell High School per year. The school is in a suburban school district just outside Kalamazoo, Michigan and is located in Allegan County….

Plainwell High School
Grades 9-12
Gender Co-ed
Enrollment 830 (2018–19)

What county is Plainwell MI in?

Allegan CountyPlainwell / County

What zip code is 49080?

Cooper Township

Who is the head of the Plainwell Community School District?

Plainwell High School
School district Plainwell Community Schools
Superintendent Matt Montange
Principal Jeremy Wright

Did Otsego win?

On 11/6, the Otsego varsity football team won their home playoff game against Eastwood (Pemberville, OH) by a score of 35-28.

Is Plainwell MI an island?

Plainwell is also called “The Island City” because it is completely surrounded by water. In 1856, there was an excavating project to create a millrace for the use of mills and factories. Visitors to modern Plainwell can enjoy strolling through the city on a waterside boardwalk.

How big is Plainwell Michigan?

2.073 mi²Plainwell / Area

Did Otsego Knights win last night?

Knights win 9-4!

What Division is otsego football?

Bowling Green, OH Wood County OHSAA Division V, Region 18

8/20 H W
10/15 A W
10/22 H W
10/30 H W
11/6 H W

What is Plainwell known for?

Plainwell is known as “The Island City” because one cannot enter downtown from any direction without first crossing a bridge. The Kalamazoo River and the Plainwell Millrace form an island around the original town plat providing a beautifu, natural and unique setting for Plainwell making it a special place.

Why is Plainwell called Island City?

Plainwell is also called “The Island City” because it is completely surrounded by water.

What township is Plainwell?

Plainwell is a city in Allegan County in the U.S. state of Michigan….

Plainwell, Michigan
• Total 2.07 sq mi (5.37 km2)
• Land 1.99 sq mi (5.16 km2)
• Water 0.08 sq mi (0.21 km2)
Elevation 728 ft (222 m)

What division is Otsego football?

What county is Plainwell MI?