What problems does Moldova have?

What problems does Moldova have?

The health status of Moldova’s youth is vulnerable, among the major risks faced by the young people are smoking, illicit drug and alcohol abuse, early sexual activity, and in consequence, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Is Moldova poorest country?

Despite a solid economic performance over the past two decades, Moldova still remains among the poorest countries in Europe….Country Context.

Population, million 2.64
GDP, current US$ billion 11.9
GDP per capita, current US$ 4,512
Life Expectancy at birth, years 70.9

Is Moldova a Romance language?

During the Soviet era the language of Moldova was written in the Cyrillic alphabet, called “Moldavian,” and held by Soviet scholars to be an independent Romance language. Currently called either Romanian or Moldovan, since 1989 the language has been written in the Roman alphabet.

Why is Moldova unhappy?

Lesson number two: Poverty, relative poverty, is often an excuse for unhappiness. Yes, Moldovans are poor compared to other Europeans, but clearly it is their reaction to their economic problems, and not the problems alone, that explains their unhappiness. The seeds of Moldovan unhappiness are planted in their culture.

What are some Moldova traditions?

Moldova’s traditional folk culture is very rich. The ancient folk ballads, such as “Mioriţa” and “Meşterul Manole”, play a central role in this traditional culture. Folk traditions, including ceramics and weaving, continue to be practiced in rural areas.

What is the religion of Moldova?

Orthodox Christianity
According to the 2014 census, which does not include Transnistria, the predominant religion is Orthodox Christianity, with 90 percent of the population belonging to one of two Orthodox Christian groups.

What is the climate like in Moldova?

The climate of Moldova is moderately continental, characterized by relatively mild winters with little snow, long warm summers and low humidity. The average annual temperatures vary between 6.3°C in the North to 12.3°C in the South. Warm weather lasts about 190 days.

What nationality is Moldova?

Ethnic groups About three-fourths of Moldova’s population consists of ethnic Moldovans. There are smaller populations of Ukrainians, Russians, Gagauz, Roma (Gypsies), and Bulgarians.

Why are Moldova women so special?

Well, for starters, it’s important to remember that Moldova women are, in fact, Eastern European women. They’re truly the cream of the crop in the world. Whatever they put in the food and water in Eastern Europe, it’s resulted in just such a stunning demographic of women.

What is the ethnic makeup of Moldova?

Moldova has 4.32 million inhabitants. In the 1989 census, 64.5 percent of the population was Moldovan, 13.8 percent Ukrainian, 13 percent Russian, 3.5 percent Gagauz (a Christian Orthodox Turkic people), 2 percent Bulgarian, 1.5 percent Jewish, and 1.7 percent other nationalities, mainly Belarussians, Poles, Greeks, Germans, and Rom (Gypsies).

What is Moldovan folklore?

The Moldovan folklore has a strong basis of Dacian-Latin origin and embraces a system of popular confessions and customs, which are specifically defined by means of music and dance, oral poetry and prose, mythology, rites, popular theatre etc.