What kind of oil does a Polaris Sportsman 90 use?

What kind of oil does a Polaris Sportsman 90 use?

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Manufacturer ‎Polaris
Viscosity ‎5w-50

What oil does a Polaris Sportsman take?

2 Quarts of Polaris PS-4 Full Synthetic 4-Cycle Engine Oil.

What kind of oil does a Polaris Outlaw 90 take?

What oil do I use for Polaris ATV?

Polaris recommends Premium 4 Synthetic 0W40 as an engine oil, as it has been specifically engineered to work with Polaris four cycle engines. This is a synthetic, multi-viscosity oil with decent film strength over a wide temperature range from minus-40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is a Polaris Sportsman 90 a 2 stroke?

The Polaris 90 Sportsman is brought to life by a two-stroke, fan-cooled single-cylinder engine that is transversely mounted. It has a bore-stroke ratio of 52 x 42 mm (2.05 x 1.65 inches).

What weight is Polaris oil?

Another key component to our engine oils is our wide all-season 5W-50 viscosity range. The five weight is the winter grade, allowing easy starts and instant oil flow in conditions down to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does a Polaris 90 have a oil filter?

On the bottom of the crankcase is a half-inch nut, and on the side of the engine is a small chrome cap that is the oil cap. You will need some basic tools and about 10 minutes to change the oil. Also, this ATV does not have an oil filter.

How much is a Polaris Sportsman 90?

Polaris Sportsman 90 Cost The list price of a Polaris Sportsman 90 ranges from $2,199 to $2,699, depending on the model year purchased.

Can I use regular 10w40 in my ATV?

You can use automotive oil in an ATV or UTV if needed. But it’s not always recommended. Your best option is to use synthetic car oil, in 10w-40 weight, if you have to. But oils made specifically for ATVs, Motorcycles and UTVs are your best bet as they are engineered to protect those smaller engines.

Can I use 10W30 in my ATV?

It is advised to respect it. The engines are machined so that the chosen viscosity is most effective. In the example recommendation above, the manufacturer requires grade 10w30, so depending on the start temperature, 0W30, 5W30 or 10W30 would be good choices.

How much is a Polaris 90 worth?

The list price of a Polaris Sportsman 90 ranges from $2,199 to $2,699, depending on the model year purchased….Polaris Sportsman 90 Cost.

Model Year List Price Retail & Trade-in Values
2008 Polaris Sportsman 90 $2,499 $1,500 / $965
2009 Polaris Sportsman 90 $2,499 $1,560 / $1,010

What is a Polaris Sportsman 90 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $2,699 $1,865
Total Price $2,699 $1,865

Do you have to use Polaris oil in a Polaris?

Any claims an aftermarket oil manufacturer makes that its product meets Polaris engine requirements are false. They may have tested their oil in Polaris vehicles but not to the level that we test at and without the knowledge of our engine oil requirements. We only follow one performance standard — our own.

What is 5W50 oil used for?

A 5W-50 motor oil is suited for a broad range of applications including motorsport, classic/collector cars and extreme driving conditions like towing and high operating temperatures.