What is UUK Athletics?

What is UUK Athletics?

UK Athletics is structured as a non-profit company limited by guarantee. It has four member organisations from each of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom: England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Welsh Athletics, and Athletics Northern Ireland.

What is England Athletics doing to protect my data?

As the data controller, England Athletics Limited take the protection of the data that we hold about our customers seriously and will do everything possible to ensure that data is collected, stored, processed, maintained, cleansed and retained in accordance with current and future UK data protection legislation and our privacy policy.

What is the difference between UK Athletics and British Athletics?

The organisation outwardly rebranded itself as British Athletics in 2013, although it remains legally known as UK Athletics, and continues to use the UK Athletics name in internal governance. UK Athletics is structured as a non-profit company limited by guarantee.


UK Athletics is responsible for management and administration of the licencing process for athletics events within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland delegated to their respective national association (Athletics Northern Ireland, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics & Welsh Athletics)

Can medical staff and event team members release information about patients?

Medical staff and event team members are required to respect patient confidentiality and not to release information which could result in the identification of any patient (even to family members) without the consent of the patient. Races should include

How can Uka help with policy and risk assessments?

The UKA guidance document and risk assessment template guide will help you to achieve this with a minimum of fuss. UKA provide a Health and Safety Helpline, supported by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. If clubs need support with producing a policy or risk assessments you can call 0121 248 2235 or email [email protected]

What is the role of the medical service at a race?

to carry out an initial assessment of the medical condition of any casualty (checking breathing, consciousness, responsiveness, pulse, obvious injury, illness or medication noted by the competitor on the medical form on the rear of the race number). UKA Good Practice Guide to Road Race Medical Services nd2 Edition Jan 2013 Page 58