What is Torrons Vicens?

What is Torrons Vicens?

Torrons Vicens is a family business with a long tradition of nougat. Located in the town of Agramunt (Lérida), considered the cradle of Turrón and Chocolate a la Piedra, it makes traditional nougat and other specialties. Quality and Innovation.

What is Vicens Agramunt?

Crunchy almond turrón is a delicious mix of roasted almonds and sweet honey nougat, a creation of the master confectioners at Vicens who have been making turrón candies by hand in the village of Agramunt since 1775. Vicens roasts almonds fresh daily and blends them with local honey, egg whites, and sugar.

What is Agramunt nougat?

Turrón de Agramunt is the nougat made in the municipality of Agramunt in the Catalan district of Urgell in the Province of Lérida. It is produced using honey, peeled and roasted almonds or hazelnuts, sugar, egg whites and covered in wafers. It has a firm and crunchy texture, yet melts in the mouth.

What does turron taste like?

With a rich, sweet and nutty flavor, turrón may be hard and brittle, or soft and toffee-like. Color wise it can range from white to the deepest caramel. In its simplest, most traditional form, there are just three ingredients – almonds, honey and egg white.

Where is turrón eaten?

Turrón is commonly consumed in most of Spain, some countries of Latin America, and in Roussillon (France). The similar Torrone is typical of Cremona and Benevento in Italy. There are similar confections made in the Philippines.

What is the difference between nougat and divinity?

Divinity is a nougat-like confection made with egg white, corn syrup, and sugar. Optional ingredients such as flavors, chopped dried fruit and chopped nuts are frequently added. Replacing the sugar with brown sugar results in a related confection called “sea foam”.

How many types of nougat are there?

There are three main types of nougat: white nougat; brown nougat; and German nougat. White nougat is made primarily from whipping egg whites, sugar, nuts (usually almonds, pistachios, or hazelnuts), and honey together.

What does turrón taste like?

How long will divinity last?

Rest divinity at room temperature for at least 2 hours to set, or overnight. (The candies should set in about 2 hours though.) Store in airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 weeks. You can also freeze them in airtight container for up to 2 months.

Is divinity the same as meringue?

Meringues and divinities are crispy cousins. Both sweet treats are made from whipped egg whites and sugar. Generally, cream of tartar is also added.

What is nougat made from?

nougat, aerated confection made by mixing nuts and sometimes fruit pieces in a sugar paste, the composition of which is varied to give either a chewy or brittle consistency. Nougat originated in Mediterranean countries, where honey, together with almonds or other nuts, was beaten into egg whites and then sun-dried.

How do you eat Turrones?

Turron, which is pronounced Too-Rron, is bought and sliced into cubes and served on plates along with coffee or brandy, and typically given as a gift when visiting friends and family.

Who invented turrón?

the Moors
Turrón is a very old, traditional sweet of Moorish (Arabic) origin. It has been a popular sweet for centuries, even outside Spain’s borders. It is said that the Moors invented turrón over 500 years ago in Jijona, a small town about 30 miles or so north of Alicante.

Can you put divinity in the fridge?

Short Term Storage This means divinity candy stays fresh even at room temperature for 10 to 14 days. Refrigerator storage is also acceptable but not necessary, and creates the potential for condensation that makes the candy slimy. To store the divinity candy, line an airtight storage container with wax paper.

Can you pipe divinity?

Drop the mixture by teaspoons with two small spoons. Or, you could pipe through a bag like I did. If piping, the divinity will set up (and hold it’s defined shape) better if cooled for 2 minutes in a large piping bag. The divinity is ready to enjoy instantly!

Should divinity be refrigerated?