What is the SMS gateway for Vodafone?

What is the SMS gateway for Vodafone?

VMH is a single gateway for all A2P and P2P SMS messages to Vodafone’s 500+million and beyond. Through a single interconnect and commercial agreement, Vodafone Messaging Hub (VMH) simplifies SMS management using a centralised hub, reducing the complexities of reaching Vodafone’s customers and global footprint.

What is SMS gateway email?

Email to SMS is software which allows you to turn an email into a text message without any extra effort. Once registered with us, simply write your email and send your message to [email protected].

How do I use SMS gateway email?

Email to SMS is this simple

  1. Sign up to a free ClickSend account.
  2. Go to your email client and compose an email setting the recipient as [email protected] (eg.
  3. Click send and your messages will be delivered in seconds via ClickSend’s direct routes.

How do I find my SMS gateway domain?

It is quite extensive, you can just press Ctrl+F to open “Find” bar and there enter the name of carrier of which you need to know the SMS gateway address. For example, in [email protected] the gateway address is

How can I send bulk SMS in Vodafone?

Steps To Register & Send Bulk SMS

  1. Open any browser on phone or PC.
  2. Visit
  3. Click on “Register Here”
  4. Enter all required information into their respective fields.
  5. Tick “Accept Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Statement”
  6. Click or tap on the submit button to submit your application.

How do I set up SMS gateway?

Configure an SMS gateway

  1. Go to Authentication > Guest user settings, scroll to SMS gateway, and click Add.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Specify the settings. Option.
  4. Enter the response format specified by your service provider.
  5. Enter the response parameter specified by your service provider.
  6. Click Save.

What is a Tmomail net email?

“” is T-Mobile’s SMS gateway; you can find the SMS gateway for your specific recipient’s cell service provider using the online listing provided by Email Unlimited (see link in Resources).

How can I make my own SMS gateway?

  1. 4.2.1. Install required packages for build.
  2. 4.2.2. Download & Install SMS Server Tools 3.
  3. 4.2.3. Configure the SMS Server Tools.
  4. 4.2.4. Start the SMS Gateway.
  5. 4.2.5. Test the SMS Gateway.

How can I register for SMS in Vodafone?

Can we create own SMS gateway?

Yes, but you need access to an SMSC on a GSM network to send the messages either directly or via a device with a SIM, thats what you pay for.

What is a MMS gateway address?

An SMS gateway or MMS gateway allows a computer (also known as a Server) to send or receive text messages in the form of Short Message Service (SMS) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) transmissions between local and/or international telecommunications networks.

How can I get free SMS on Vodafone?

All you need to do is : After writing the sms in the format given above, just send the sms to 54545 (Toll Free).

Why is my Vodafone SMS not working?

Cause 1 of 4: The message centre number is incorrect The message centre ensures that your text message is sent to the recipient. If the wrong message centre number is saved in your phone, the text message can’t be sent.

How do I send an email to a Vodafone number?

In the past you could send an email to and it would get forwarded to your phone via SMS. 22-10-2015 03:04 PM 22-10-2015 03:04 PM

How does Vodafone messaging hub improve SMS interconnection?

With over 950 operator members of the GSMA and an increasing number of access technologies, the traditional peering model for SMS interconnection has become increasingly complex. Vodafone Messaging Hub solves these challenges by providing a single gateway for all your A2P and P2P SMS messages to reach Vodafone’s 500+ million customers and beyond.

What is an SMS gateway and how does it work?

One of the typical uses of the SMS gateway is the forwarding of email to a mobile device and vice versa. The gateway platform manages the necessary protocol mapping to bridge the gap between ​texting and electronic mail systems.

Why choose Vodafone for grey route protection?

Advanced fraud, spam and faking protection to eliminate grey route traffic, protecting a service provider’s brand and commercial integrity. World-class technical support from the team that cares for Vodafone’s own global customer traffic. One commercial agreement to deliver to Vodafone’s 500+ million mobile customers.