What is the simplest definition of fascism?

What is the simplest definition of fascism?

: a political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.

Which best describes fascism?

Most definitions agree that fascism is authoritarian and promotes nationalism at all costs, but its basic characteristics are a matter of debate. “[Fascism is] based on an ethnic division between ‘us’ and ‘them’, an extreme ethno-nationalism.

What is the best definition of fascism quizlet?

Fascism. A system of government characterized by strict social and economic control and a strong, centralized government usually headed by a dictator.

What is fascism quizlet?

How do you explain fascism to a child?

As we learned, fascism is the political idea where the government controls everything, like in Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler and Italy under Benito Mussolini. People aren’t allowed to say or do what they want.

What are the characteristics of fascism?

Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and the economy that rose to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

What is fascism ww2?

The Nazi government that ruled under Adolf Hitler between 1933 and 1945 was a fascist government. 3. Fascism is a far-right theory of government that opposes the political philosophies of the Enlightenment and the 19th century, including democratic liberalism, communism, and socialism.

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What does fascism mean?

The name fascism comes from the Italian word fascio for bundle. This word comes from the Latin word fasces which was an axe surrounded by a bundle of sticks. In Ancient Rome, leaders carried the fasces as a symbol of their power.

Is Fascism a form of totalitarianism?

Believers in democracy generally consider fascism as a facet of totalitarianism. Its urge to control everything and allowing no freedom is one aspect. Another aspect is that it becomes a method for a single person or party to use force to keep power.

What were the characteristics of fascism in Germany?

Historically, fascist governments tend to be autocratic, militaristic, and racist. In the Third Reich, the national socialist party, ethnic German society was pictured as a racially unified hierarchy, the Volksgemeinschaft. Fascism appeared in Italy in the early 1920s and developed fully in the 1930s.