What is the richest suburb in Columbus Ohio?

What is the richest suburb in Columbus Ohio?

Upper Arlington is the most expensive suburb in Ohio, according to a list posted Sunday in Travel + Leisure magazine. Homes in the Columbus suburb had a median sale price in March of $543,950, the article said.

What is the best area to live in Columbus?

If you’re looking for the best places to raise your family in Columbus, check out these five neighborhoods and suburbs!

  • Bexley.
  • Clintonville.
  • Gahanna.
  • Hilliard.
  • Upper Arlington.

What cities surround Columbus?

Cities near Columbus, Ohio:

  • Bexley, OH.
  • Upper Arlington, OH.
  • Whitehall, OH.
  • Lincoln Village, OH.
  • Gahanna, OH.
  • Grove City, OH.
  • Blacklick Estates, OH.
  • Worthington, OH.

Where do the wealthy people live in Ohio?

Cleveland’s Hunting Valley Village topped the charts, with an estimated median household income of roughly $250,000, according to the data. To see what other places landed on the ranking, check out the chart below.

Is Columbus Ohio an up and coming city?

Columbus among fastest-growing metropolitan areas as smaller Ohio areas shrink. COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Columbus is one of the nation’s fastest-growing large metropolitan areas and the fastest in the Midwest, according to the latest population estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau this week.

What is the safest part of Columbus Ohio?

If you’re looking for safe, affordable Columbus neighborhoods, give one of these five a try!

  • Bexley.
  • Clintonville.
  • Grandview Heights.
  • Northwest Columbus.
  • Worthington.

What cities are 3 hours from Columbus Ohio?

One of the best things about Columbus is its central location. Within a three-hour drive, you can explore Dayton, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh — not to mention lots of exciting, small, and unique towns in Ohio.

What cities make up Columbus Ohio?

Columbus metropolitan area, Ohio

Columbus metropolitan area
Country United States
State(s) Ohio
Largest city Columbus
Other cities – Dublin – Gahanna – Newark – Delaware – Lancaster – Pickerington – London – Marysville – Circleville – Marion – Zanesville – Chillicothe – New Lexington

Is Columbus Ohio wealthy?

The Columbus area is home to seven of the wealthiest places in Ohio, according to an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey most recent data on median household income.

Is Columbus a poor city?

The poverty rate in Columbus is 20.8%. One out of every 4.8 residents of Columbus lives in poverty. How many people in Columbus, Ohio live in poverty? 172,653 of 828,296 Columbus residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year.

Is Columbus Ohio a rich city?

Is it expensive to live in Columbus Ohio?

Summary about cost of living in Columbus, OH, United States: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,427$ without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 970$ without rent. Columbus is 28.64% less expensive than New York (without rent).