What is the real name of Mensa Otabil?

What is the real name of Mensa Otabil?

Mensa Otabil (born August 31, 1959), is a Ghanaian theologian, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur….

Mensa Otabil
Parent(s) Dinah Otabil LLoyd Otabil
Religion Christianity
Church International Central Gospel Church
Congregations served Christ Temple, Abossey Okai, Accra

How old is Pastor Mensa Otabil?

62 years (August 31, 1959)Mensa Otabil / Age

Where was Mensa Otabil born?

Takoradi, GhanaMensa Otabil / Place of birthSekondi-Takoradi is a city in Ghana comprising the twin cities of Sekondi and Takoradi. It is the capital of Sekondi – Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly and the Western Region of Ghana. Sekondi-Takoradi is the region’s largest city and an industrial and commercial centre, with a population of 445,205 people. Wikipedia

Who is Pastor Mensa Otabil’s wife?

The Head Pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr Mensa Otabil and his wife, Joy Otabil have been married for 35 years and are celebrating their marriage anniversary.

How old is Icgc?

The International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) was officially inaugurated on February 26, 1984 in Accra. The renowned charismatic Church was founded by Dr. Mensa Otabil with the aim of raising leaders, shaping vision, and influencing society through Christ.

Who is the founder of Icgc?

Mensa OtabilInternational Central Gospel Church / Founder

What is the fastest growing church in Ghana?

The International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) is an evangelical, Charismatic Christian church headquartered at Abossey Okai in Accra, Ghana. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing Charismatic churches in Ghana, having a church attendance close to 50,000.

What denomination is Icgc?

The International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) is an evangelical, Charismatic Christian church headquartered at Abossey Okai in Accra, Ghana….

International Central Gospel Church
Tertiary institutions Central University
Official website

How old is Icgc Ghana?

The International Central Gospel Church – ICGC – is an Evangelical, Charismatic Christian Church. It was officially inaugurated as a church on the 26th of February 1984, in Accra, Ghana. The first meeting was held in a small classroom with an initial membership of just about twenty people.

What is the oldest church in Ghana?

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana
The Presbyterian Church of Ghana is a mainline Protestant church in Ghana. The oldest, continuously existing, established Christian Church in Ghana, it was started by the Basel missionaries on 18 December 1828….Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana
Theology Reformed
Polity Presbyterian

Which church is popular in Ghana?

1. The Church of Pentecost. The Church of Pentecost is a Ghanaian Pentecostal denomination that spread and is now present in more than 105 countries. It was founded in 1962, and as of 2021, it has over 3 million members.

How old is action Chapel?

Action Chapel International
Status Active
Founded 1979
Founder(s) Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Who first brought Bible to Ghana?

The arrival of the Europeans in 15th century into the then Gold Coast brought Christianity to the land. There were many different cultural groups across the West African region who were practicing different forms of spirituality.

Who owns the biggest church in Ghana?

The Church of Pentecost is a Pentecostal denomination that originates from Ghana. The Church currently has a presence in more than 135 countries globally. Its current Chairman, who happens to be the highest officer in the church worldwide, is Apostle Eric Nyamekye….

The Church of Pentecost
Official website

Which church has the biggest auditorium in Ghana?

Perez Chapel International

Auditorium name Church Location
Lakewood Church Central Campus Lakewood Church Houston, United States
Liberty Worship Centre Liberty Worship Centre Kampala, Uganda
Perez Dome Perez Chapel International Accra, Ghana
Mega Frater Fraternidad Cristiana de Guatemala Mixco, Guatemala

How old is Duncan-Williams?

65 years (May 12, 1957)Nicholas Duncan-Williams / Age

Where is Bishop James Saah?

Bishop James K. Saah is the International Bishop of Action Chapel, Prayer Cathedral, Spintex Road, Accra – Ghana. Bishop Saah is a Bible teacher, a pastor and conference speaker across nations. In Ghana, he preaches and teaches both on television and radio.

Which church is the oldest in Ghana?

Which church has more branches in Ghana?

Perez Chapel International is an evangelical, Charismatic Christian church. It was founded by bishop Charles Agyinasare and is headquartered in Accra, Ghana in Dzorwulu. The church has over 400 local branches in Ghana and has branches in 16 countries across the world.

Which church has most members in Ghana?

Christianity is the largest religion in Ghana, with approximately 71.2% of Ghana’s population being member of various Christian denominations as of 2010 census.