What is the purpose of Auskick?

What is the purpose of Auskick?

Auskick is a program designed to teach the basic skills of Australian rules football (AFL) to boys and girls aged between 5 and 12. A nationwide program in Australia, it has increased participation in the sport amongst children, and is employed in many countries across the world.

How old do you have to be to play Auskick?

It’s all about fun, getting hands on the ball and constantly being involved in exciting activities. No AFL experience? No worries! Auskick offers an inclusive environment for everyone aged 5 – 12 at any skill level to play.

Who invented Auskick?

Allsopp played 54 games for Richmond in the VFL the 1950s, however it was his work after his playing career was finished that he is best known for. The 87-year-old developed that hugely successful program known as Auskick, designed to get young kids across Australia playing AFL.

How is auskick modified?

AFL Auskick Rules games are heavily modified at the early age levels. As children proceed through middle to later age levels, less modification occurs until by age 13, the standard rules are recommended. The rules are modified to ensure the emphasis is clearly placed on skill development, safety and enjoyment.

What is meant by Handballing?

The action of passing the ball to a teammate by holding it in one hand and striking it with (typically the fist of) the other; handpassing.

What are the different types of kicks in AFL?

The common types of kicks in AFL are:

  • Drop punt.
  • Torpedo.
  • Check-side (also known as banana)
  • Dribble.
  • Place.
  • Drop.

How do you teach a kid to kick an AFL ball?

More videos on YouTube

  1. Line your body up with the target. .
  2. Hold the ball correctly over the thigh of your kicking leg.
  3. Tilt your head over the footy.
  4. Guide the ball on to your foot.
  5. Watch the ball hit your foot.
  6. Have a firm foot on impact & point your toes at your target.

How much does Auskick cost?

between $75 – $130
All of these benefits are included with the price of signing up to Auskick, and there’s no need to buy any extra equipment or gear. The cost varies between different locations and centres, ranging between $75 – $130 for the season.

When was auskick created?

Since 2006 we’ve given kids around Australia the opportunity to be active and learn fundamental footy skills. It’s about promoting a fun, healthy lifestyle for kids and ensuring the game’s future champions can realise their potential.

Does Auskick have tackling?

Tackling skills are introduced sequentially towards the end (11 to 12-year-olds) of the AFL Auskick Rules program. Players will develop evasive skills and be less likely to incur injury.

What are the rules of handball?

A player may stop, catch, throw, bounce or strike the ball in any manner and in any direction, using hands, fists, arms, head, body, thighs or knees. However, a player may not intentionally touch the ball with any part of the body below the knee. The ball is almost always played with the hands.

What lacrosse means?

Definition of lacrosse : a goal game in which players use a long-handled stick that has a triangular head with a mesh pouch to catch, carry, and throw the ball.

What is a banana kick AFL?

Checkside punt. Also known as a ‘banana kick’, the checkside punt is a kicking style used in Australian rules football, rugby league and rugby union. When kicked, it bends away from the body.

What is a drop kick AFL?

A drop kick is a type of kick in various codes of football. It involves a player dropping the ball and then kicking it as it touches the ground. Drop kicks are used as a method of restarting play and scoring points in rugby union and rugby league.

How do you teach an Auskicker to kick?

Have Auskickers aim to kick over the target, or have an adult handball to the Auskicker before they turn and kick at the stick. Next: CHANGE IT UP! Try a run up before the kick. Experiment with different balls and encourage Auskickers to kick on their alternate foot.

What is the Auskick platform?

This platform houses all the activities for each level (by session) in the form of videos, images, downloadable documents, and a heap of supporting documents to execute the program effectively. Simply select your Auskick level, then the session and you’ll be provided all the activities. Enjoy!

How can NAB AFL Auskickers master their kicking skills?

Help NAB AFL Auskickers master their kicking skills and focus on hitting their targets. CHANGE IT UP! Use the cones to make a circle, with the goal post target in the middle. Auskickers are to have one ball and stand next to a cone.

How do you kick a hockey stick?

As Auskickers busily “kick the stick”, provide some handy hints like: Point your toes at the stick (your target); Hold the ball over the leg you’re kicking with, and; Keep your head over the ball.