What is the Optimum value package?

What is the Optimum value package?

Optimum Value TV Channels Optimum Value TV is one step up from Optimum Core TV and offers more than 255 channels, including 80 in HD. With this package, you’ll enjoy additional channels, including Animal Planet, FX, Travel Channel and Discovery Channel, all in high definition.

What channels are in the value package?

Optimum Cable Packages for a Robust Experience

  • Value TV. More than 255 channels. Includes Animal Planet, A&E, FXX, Discovery Channel, History, TLC, National Geographic Channel, VH1, Travel Channel, WGN, and many more.
  • Select TV. More than 340 channels.
  • Premier TV. More than 420 channels.

What does Optimum basic include?

To get Optimum in your home, check out the plan listed below….Optimum Basic TV Channels:

Package Name Channel
Optimum Basic TV Channels My9 HD
Optimum Basic TV Channels NBC HD
Optimum Basic TV Channels News 12 HD
Optimum Basic TV Channels News 12 Traffic & Weather HD

How can I get optimum to lower my bill?

Get Lifetime Discounts The best way to lower your Optimum bill is to get them to give you a lifetime discount on your service. You can get a lifetime discount by starting the cancellation process with Optimum at (888) 276-5255.

What packages does optimum offer?

Optimum’s channel lineup has 340+ channels, including local network affiliates, basic cable staples, and popular favorites. The channels come in four packages—Core TV ($74.99 a month, 210+ channels), Value TV* ($79.99 a month, 225+ channels), Select TV ($89.99 a month, 290+ channels), and Premier ($124.99 a month, 340+ channels).

What is optimum Preferred Package?

– No contracts – $500 contract buyout – Killer bundles deals – Speeds up to 940 Mbps

What is optimum economy package?

Optimum is dedicated to helping our communities stay connected affordably. We are proud to now participate in the Federal Government’s Affordable Connectivity Program. If you qualify, and depending on the speed you choose, your Optimum Internet service could be FREE with this $30 monthly credit. Plus taxes, fees, and charges

What is optimum Select package?

Optimum has 420+ channels available in four packages: Optimum Basic ($29 a month, 50+ channels), Optimum Core ($59 a month, 220+ channels), Optimum Select ($74 a month. 340+ channels), and Premier TV ($124.99 a month, 420+ channels). Select is the best value, while Premier has the best bang for your buck.