What is the max Cannon for TH10?

What is the max Cannon for TH10?

Max Levels of Defenses in TH10 The max level of cannons and archer towers is 13.

Should you gear up canons COC?

A general recommendation I have for geared up Cannons and Archer Towers is have the ones that are closer to the edge of your base in the geared up mode. Defenses closer to the edge of your base already cover less, so your “defensive range” will be hurt less from it.

What is the max level Cannon for th12?

Cannons and Archer Towers have a max level of 17. The max level of the mortar is 12 while that of the walls is 13….Max Levels of Defenses in TH12.

Defense Max Level
Cannon 17
Archer Tower 17
Mortar 12
Walls 13

What is the highest level Cannon in clash of clans?

The Cannon and Archer Tower have 20 upgrade levels, the most of any building in the game, if we do not count the separate upgrades of the Town Hall’s Giga Tesla and Giga Inferno.

Are double cannons better than normal cannons?

Double Cannons are very powerful defenses against ground tanks such as the Boxer Giant or the Battle Machine. A few volleys can do significant damage to them. Their short range prevents them from protecting buildings in front of them from Sneaky Archers if a Wall separates the Double Cannon and the building.

How long does Town Hall 12 take to Max?

In general, it’d take around one year to max Town Hall 12 completely! However, if one uses some gems to accelerate the time required to upgrade, it’d take around 9-11 months to max Town Hall 12. This process can be further accelerated by using different rewards from Clan war leagues and Clan games.

How long does it take to upgrade a Cannon to level 14?


Level Damage per Second Build Time
13 100 3 days
14 110 5 days
15 118 6 days
16 124 9 days

Should I gear up my mortar?

Should I gear up my mortar? Is it worth it? If you look at the stats, the gear up mortar does almost identical dps to the regular. However sometimes each shell will push small troops out of the way, causing the other shells to miss, resulting in less damage compared to the normal mortar.

Is it worth gearing up Archer Tower?

Honestly none of these gear ups are worth it and often they are weaker than standard towers. If only they balanced the AT, double cannon and multi-mortar properly, but they said they don’t want too much integration between bases.

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How much is Eagle artillery?

The level 5 Eagle Artillery is the most expensive defense in the game, costing 20,000,000 gold (barring Gold Pass discounts).