What is the main idea of Trombone Shorty?

What is the main idea of Trombone Shorty?

Trombone Shorty is a celebration of the rich cultural history of New Orleans and the power of music.

Why do they call him Trombone Shorty?

He jumped into the next parade that went by the house, prompting his brother to holler, “Trombone Shorty, where y’at?” The name, propelled by images of a kid playing an instrument twice his size, never left him.

What type of jazz does Trombone Shorty play?

Andrews began playing trombone at age four, and since 2009 has toured with his own band, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue….Trombone Shorty.

Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews
Genres Jazz
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Trombone, trumpet, vocals
Labels Verve Forecast Bluenote

What is Trombone Shorty’s real name?

Troy AndrewsTrombone Shorty / Full name

But Troy Andrews is used to that. Andrews, who goes by the nickname “Trombone Shorty,” has been a professional musician most his life. Andrews grew up in the Treme, a neighborhood just across Rampart Street from the French Quarter.

What style of music is Trombone Shorty?

R&B/SoulTrombone Shorty / Genre

What awards has Trombone Shorty won?

Grammy Award for Album of the Year
Audie Award for Young Listeners
Trombone Shorty/Awards

What brand of trombone does Trombone Shorty play?

Edwards Instruments
Trombone Shorty | Edwards Instruments.

What mouthpiece does Trombone Shorty play?

Schilke small shank
Mouthpieces: Schilke small shank, various sizes (trombone), Monette (trumpet)

Can you polish a trombone?

Get an acidic brass polish from the store, or alternatively use lime juice, vinegar, or even ketchup. Apply the polishing agent and wait several minutes. Wipe down the trombone gently with a damp cloth. Repeat if some tarnish remains.