What is the Loire Valley famous for?

What is the Loire Valley famous for?

The valley is known for its dry white wines, such as Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé and Chenin Blanc. (Vouvray wines must be 100% Chenin Blanc.) It also has the second highest concentration of sparkling-wine producing vines in France. There’s a terrific variety of wine styles and wine touring styles.

Why is Château de Chenonceau famous?

Chenonceaux is famous for its château, which bridges the Cher. Founded on the pilings of a mill in 1513 or 1515 by Thomas Bohier, financial minister in Normandy, the château was completed in 1522 and represents a type of architecture transitional between Gothic and Renaissance.

Who owns the Château de Chenonceau?

José-Emilio Terry, a Cuban millionaire, acquired Chenonceau from Madame Pelouze in 1891. Terry sold it in 1896 to a family member, Francisco Terry. In 1913, the château was acquired by Henri Menier, a member of the Menier family, famous for their chocolates, who still own it to this day.

Where is the Beauregard Castle?

Loire Valley
The Château de Beauregard is a Renaissance château in the Loire Valley in France. It is located on the territory of the commune of Cellettes, a little south of the city of Blois and a few miles from other famous Loire châteaux such as Cheverny. Although still inhabited, it can be visited by tourists.

What is the main city in the Loire Valley?

The Loire Valley, around – Blois Blois, a hillside city on the Loire River, is the capital of the Loir-et-Cher region in central France.

Who built the Loire Valley?

The formation of the region as we know it today began after its conquest by Julius Caesar in 52BC. It is however Emperor Augustus who is credited with bringing peace and stability to the Loire Valley.

How old is the Château de Chenonceau?

501Château de Chenonceau / Age (c. 1521)

What is an interesting fact about the Chenonceau castle?

Between 1914 to 1918, Château de Chenonceau was transformed into a military hospital. Gaston Menier, who owned the Chateau at the time offered space for a temporary military hospital at the castle. Two galleries were turned into hospital rooms that had the capacity of 120 beds.

What does Chenonceau mean in English?

Chenonceaux (French pronunciation: [ʃənɔ̃so] ( listen)) is a commune in the French department of Indre-et-Loire, and the region of Centre-Val de Loire, France. Chenonceaux. Commune. Chenonceau Château and the Cher River.

Who owns Beauuregard chateau?

Since 1925, the château has belonged to the Du Pavillon family. A visit to the Château de Beauregard also offers the occasion to discover the park and its Garden of Portraits, a contemporary garden designed by Gilles Clément that brings artfully together some 400 species of perennials and shrubbery.

When was Chateau de Beauregard built?

Château de Beauregard was built in 1622 by Philippe Guillaume de Laurens, Lord of Beauregard and Baron du S Empire.

How many castles are in the Loire Valley?

The Loire isn’t the only place in France with chateaux (castles) but it does have the densest collection. There are some 300 in the 175-mile stretch of the river known as the Loire Valley. Some of the earliest chateaux still impress, like the ruined Chateau de Lavardin, built at the start of the 11th century.

What is the capital of Loire Valley?

The administrative capital is Orléans, but the largest city is Tours. Like many contemporary regions of France, the region of Centre was created from parts of three historical provinces: Touraine, Orléanais, and Berry.

How old is Loire Valley?

The Loire Valley is an area steeped in history and because of its riches, one that has been fought over and influenced by a variety of adversaries from by the Romans to Atila the Hun. The formation of the region as we know it today began after its conquest by Julius Caesar in 52BC.

How old are Loire Valley castles?

The châteaux of the Loire Valley number over three hundred, ranging from practical fortified castles from the 10th century to splendid residences built half a millennium later.

How many rooms does Château de Chenonceau have?

twenty rooms
Over the centuries, these women – Diane de Poitiers, Catherine de’ Medici, Louise of Lorraine and Madame Dupin – all added to, took care of, and saved the Château of Chenonceau. The twenty rooms that are open to the public offer a window into the incredible history of the building.

How many rooms are in the Château de Chenonceau?

Who built the castles in Loire Valley?

Many of these were the responsibility of prolific builder of fortifications, Folk Nerra Count of Anjou (970-1040) and they would later become the sites of many of the grand chateaux we see today.

How deep is the Loire?

Information about the 138km navigable long river Loire In many reaches the depth drops to no more than 25cm.

¿Qué son los castillos del Loira?

La denominación «castillos del Loira» (en francés: Châteaux de la Loire) agrupa a un conjunto de castillos situados en el curso medio y bajo del río Loira, en la Francia central.

¿Cómo se llama el valle del río Loira?

El valle del Loira (en francés, Val de Loire) es el valle del río Loira, en el centro de Francia, y es conocido como el «jardín de Francia ».

¿Dónde se encuentran las antiguas provincias de Loira?

Se encuentran en la región Centro-Valle de Loira (las antiguas provincias de Turena, Blésois, Orléanais y Berry) y en el País del Loira (la antigua provincia de Anjou ).

¿Cuándo se construyó el río Loira?

En su mayor parte fueron edificados, o reconstruidos, en la época del Renacimiento francés (siglos XV–XVI), en un momento en que el poder real descansaba en las riberas del río Loira, en las de alguno de sus afluentes ( Indre, Cher, Vienne, Maine y Loira ), o en sus proximidades.