What is the interest rate of Standard Chartered Bank in Nepal?

What is the interest rate of Standard Chartered Bank in Nepal?

Monthly Base Rate & Average Interest Spread

Month Base Rate Average Interest Spread
Ashadh 2076 7.63% 4.45%
Jestha 2076 7.69% 4.61%
Baisakh 2076 7.70% 4.80%
Chaitra 2075 7.74% 4.75%

How many branches are there in Nepal of Standard Chartered Bank?

15 locations
Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited, a subsidiary of Standard Chartered Group is Nepal’s largest international Bank and has completed 20 years of its operation in January 2007. It operates from 15 locations in the country and employs over 350 local staff.

Which bank account is best in Nepal?

Which is the best bank account for overseas Nepali?

  • Nabil Bank Ltd. ( NABIL)
  • Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. ( RBB)
  • Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. ( NIBL)
  • Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd. ( SCBNL)
  • Himalayan Bank Ltd. ( HBL)
  • Sanima Bank Ltd. ( Sanima)
  • Everest Bank Ltd. ( EBL)
  • Laxmi Bank Ltd. ( Laxmi)

Which bank has highest interest in 2022 Nepal?

Interest Rate For Asar, 2079

Bank Rate (%) Rate (%)
Nepal SBI Bank 11.03
Himalayan Bank 12.03% (Remit Muddati) 11.03 (Muddati Khata)
Bank of Kathmandu Access here
Prabhu Bank 11.03

Which bank of Nepal gives highest interest rate?

Bhuwan Dahal, the president of the Nepal Bankers’ Association, says the rates are the highest in the past three years….Here are the interest rates of major banks of the country:

  • Himalayan Bank: Up to 11.66%
  • NIC Asia: Up to 11.1%
  • NCC Bank: 10.55%
  • Kumari Bank: 10.31%
  • Laxmi Bank: 10.05%
  • Sunrise Bank: 9%

Who is owner of Standard Chartered Bank?

Standard Chartered Holdings LimitedStandard Chartered / Parent organization

Who can open account in Standard Chartered Bank Nepal?

Who can apply for account online? Any individual who wants to have personal savings account with Standard Chartered Bank can apply for Standard Chartered Bank online account. 2.

Which bank is good for saving money in Nepal?

The bank with the highest and lowest base rate is Civil Bank with 11.06% and Nabil Bank with 7.83%.

Which bank gives monthly interest in Nepal?

Fixed Deposit

Bank/FI Name Interest Rate
Nepal Bank Nepal Bank Ltd. FD-3 Month & above 11.03%
RBB Rastriya Banijya Bank FD-3 months to 3 year 11.03%
RBB Rastriya Banijya Bank Special FD(3 month to 5 Year) 11.03%
Nabil Bank Nabil Bank FD-3 months and above 11.03%

What is the minimum balance in Standard Chartered bank?

Offline Savings Account

Standard Chartered 2-in-1 Savings Account Features
Minimum Balance Requirement Rs. 10,000
Interest Rate 3.5% p.a.*
Auto Sweep Facility Yes
Debit Card Free Platinum International Debit Card for first year

How many countries are Standard Chartered?

14 different countries
We have had a presence in Europe and the Americas for over 160 years, employing more than 5,000 people in 14 different countries. We take pride in our ability to bridge the physical distance between our clients based in the region who are looking to expand into and across our network, and vice versa.

Who is the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Nepal?

Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar (Feb 15, 2019–)Standard Chartered Bank Nepal / CEO

When was Standard Chartered Bank established in Nepal?

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited has been in operation in Nepal since 1987 when it was initially registered as a joint-venture operation. Today, the Bank is an integral part of Standard Chartered Group having an ownership of 70.21% in the company with 29.79% shares owned by the Nepalese public.

How is Standard Chartered Bank for salary account?

I am using Standard Chartered Bank salary account for 1.5 years . This account is used much frequently and also using net banking service as well as mobile banking service and credit card bill payment and money transfer . customer service is also good and banking service was comfortable . 0.5 4.5/5 “Excellent!”