What is the default password for a Samsung DVR?

What is the default password for a Samsung DVR?

Surveillance Brands – Default Username and Passwords

Brand User Name Password
Samsung admin 4321 / 1111111
Sanyo admin admin
Sentry360 Admin 1234
Sony admin admin

How do I reset my Samsung DVR to factory settings?

Undisclosed Manufacturer #3 On the IR remote, press the following buttons, one at a time in sequence: Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Return. A prompt should ask if you want to factory default. Press left, then enter.

How do I change my CCTV password?

2) If you log in using browser, go to “configuration” -> “System” -> “User Management”, you will see user details over there. 3) Select the user you want to modify, and change the password by clicking “Modify”. Remember to click “Ok” after you have changed the password.

What is the default password for the Samsung DVR?

The Samsung DVR default password. You can use a default password only for old devices with outdated firmware. Here’s the list of the default credentials. Username: root password: admin. Username: admin password: 1111111. Username: admin password: 4321. As I said before, that should work for old and discontinued devices.

What is the SRD code for Samsung DVR?

SRD-450, SRD-850, SRD-1650, SRD-1654D, SDR-C75300N, SDR-B3300N, SDR-B733OO, SDR-C5300N, SDR-C5300N/US, SDR-5102n, SDR-4101, SDR 3300n, SDR-5102 and similar devices names SRD-XXX and SRD-XXXX. Here’s the step-by-step to reset a Samsung DVR.

How to secure your Samsung CCTV DVR?

The user is forced to create a password the first time the device runs. Samsung manufacturers various CCTV equipment sold under brands such as Samsung, Wisenet, and Samsung Techwin, other OEM brands. Once you login to the DVR, it will ask you to create a new password. Additionally, update the firmware to patch any possible security bugs.

How do I Reset my Samsung DVR?

Here’s the step-by-step to reset a Samsung DVR. Confirm you want to load the factory default settings. Be aware that you have to press this sequence fast enough to get the message on the screen asking to confirm the reset. If it doesn’t work, try again and again until you get the correct speed.