What is the cutoff of Hinduja College?

What is the cutoff of Hinduja College?

The cut off details for these is available for both years 2021 and 2020….Hinduja College B.Com Cut Off 2021.

B.Com Specialisations Cut Off Percentile
B.Com (General) 90.33
Accounting and Finance 91.5
Investment Management 65.08
Transport Management 60.33

Is attendance compulsory in Hinduja College?

The campus life is moderate in hinduja as in some of the courses students do not come to the college and in some there is attendance restrictions. Also, a lack in full fledged campus makes it bit boring some time. The college has clubs which takes part in competitions.

Is Hinduja College good for BFM?

KPB Hinduja College of Commerce, Mumbai Self-finance courses such as BFM is the key area of Hinduja. The management is really supportive and helpful to the students.

Is Hinduja College aided or unaided?

Hinduja College is located in South Zone – C&D Ward. It is an Aided – Minority College where the education is provided in English medium.

How can I get admission in Hinduja College?

Hinduja College Admission 2021: Highlights Hinduja College of Commerce is the merit in the last qualifying examination. The selection of candidates for several courses is merit-based. For other programmes, candidates must have a valid score in the entrance exams conducted at the university or national levels.

What is the cut off for BAF in Hinduja College?

Cut-off Range ( All )

Rank College Name Cutoffs
13 St. Andrews College of Arts, Science And Commerce. 84.46%
14 V P M s K. G. Joshi College of Arts and N. G. Bedekar College of Commerce 83.85%
15 Hinduja College of Commerce 83.6%

Is Hinduja College good?

It is a great college with great crowd and campus.

Which college has the highest cut off in Mumbai?

Cut-off Range ( All )

Rank College Name Cutoffs
01 Shri Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics 94.6%
02 Jai Hind College,Basantsing Institute Of Science And J.T.Lalvani College Of Commerce 93.2%
03 H.R. College of Commerce and Economics 93%

Which is better aided or unaided college?

In terms of autonomy, the unaided colleges have great autonomy when compared to aided colleges. This is because the unaided colleges, unlike the aided ones, do not have any liability. Though private managements run these two sects of colleges, the unaided colleges have more freedom and liberty than the aided colleges.

Does Hinduja College have entrance exam?

The mode of application at Hinduja College of Commerce is offline. Admission to various courses at the College is subject to the rules of the University of Mumbai. The selection of candidates is merit-based or entrance exam-based.

Is maths compulsory for BCom in Hinduja College?

Answer. Hi, For Bcomyou can apply withoutmathsbut forhonsyou must havemaths. In SETfor BCom hons mathsis required.

Which college is best for BAF?

Top 10 Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF) Colleges in India

  • Gujarat University–
  • Mansarovar Group Of Institution.
  • H.B.Institute Of Communication And Management.
  • Teresian College.
  • St. Aloysius Evening College.
  • H.A. College Of Commerce.
  • Hindu College.
  • Shri Ram College of Commerce.

What is the cut off for St Xaviers Mumbai 2021?

Xavier’s College, Mumbai will release the St. Xavier’s BMS 2022 cutoff in online mode soon….St. Xavier’s BMS Cutoff 2021- First Merit List.

Category Board Cutoff
Christians HSC – Maharashtra 85.27
Christians Other 84.00
General HSC – Maharashtra 91.60
General Other 95.87

Is DPS private unaided?

The Delhi Public School Society (DPS) is a chain of schools….

Delhi Public School Society
School type Private

Is unaided and private college same?

1. A college that gets aid from the government is termed as aided college whereas a college that does not get any funds or aid from the government is called as unaided college. 2. The unaided colleges take heavy fees from the students whereas the aided colleges only take the fees stipulated by the government.

Does Hinduja College have BBA?

KPB Hinduja College of Commerce, Mumbai also does not offer BBA course.

Which is best BMS or BAF?

BAF orients candidates in the area of finance and accounting only, where as BMS graduates can opt for a much wider array of specializations. BAF is a course suited for those with an active interest in the world of finance and accounting. Those who are more oriented towards management and business can choose BMS.

Is BAF better than BCom?

If you are looking for a more career-oriented course then the better options for you would be BAF. If you are interested in pursuing higher education but not sure about a specialisation, B.Com would help you figure that out. For courses like CA and CS, B.Com is considered a better choice.

How is Hinduja College of Commerce in Mumbai?

K. P. B. Hinduja College of Commerce is located in Charni Road, Mumbai and was established in 1974. The college is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and ranks 19 th in all over India and 2 nd in Mumbai.

What is the course fee of Hinduja College in India?

Hinduja College offers B.Sc course fee at INR 14,197/- per anum. M.Com course fee at Hinduja college is INR 25,107/- per anum. The course fee for the MA at Hinduja college is INR 46,776 per anum. M.Phill course fee at Hinduja College is INR 11,940/- per anum.

Is Hinduja a good college to join?

Download cutoffs for all courses of this college. Download cutoffs for all courses of this college. Been in Hinduja for almost 5 years now and it is a pretty good option for students to consider. Placements: Students who have scored well in the academic year are eligible for placements.

Is there a canteen in Hinduja College of Commerce?

There is no canteen, and even the clubhouse is old fashioned wit… Commonly known as Hinduja College, K. P. B. Hinduja College of Commerce offers more than 15 undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes in the discipline of Commerce. The mode of application at Hinduja College of Commerce is offline.