What is the best strategy for BTD5?

What is the best strategy for BTD5?

5. Strategy 5

  • Before Round 1) Ninja Monkey at the beginning.
  • Before Round 2) Glue gunner 2/1 above the ninja monkey.
  • During Round 3) Buy a 0/3 Buccaneer.
  • During Round 4) Get 2 more 0/3 Buccaneers and put some road spikes at the end.
  • During Round 5) Use the MOAB Take Down abilities 3 times.

Does Monkey Town work on Impoppable?

It also comes with the benefits of Monkey Business and Monkey Commerce, allowing it to discount nearby towers and upgrades up to Tier 3 by at least 15% (up to 25%) from the aforementioned upgrades. It costs $8,500 on Easy, $10,000 on Medium, $10,800 on Hard, and $12,000 on Impoppable.

How do you complete short lived in BTD5?

BTD5 Flash Only Method

  1. From rounds 1-10, get a 3-0 Tack Shooter on the first curve of the track.
  2. From rounds 11-20, replace the 3-0 Tack Shooter and do the same as Step 1.
  3. From rounds 21-30, replace the Tack Sprayer with a Ring of Fire and use Road Spikes/Spike Factory to clean up bloons that get past.

Does rapid fire affect Spectre?

Rapid Fire adds 33% extra attack speed, which makes a big difference thanks to the Spectre’s already-high DPS. The Lots More Darts crosspath does not add any extra darts for the Spectre, but instead adds 25% more pierce to each dart.

Can you gain lives in Impoppable?

On Impoppable, players start with only 1 life and all means of gaining lives (including Mana Shield) are disabled. In addition, towers and upgrades cost 20% more than on Medium Difficulty (equal to roughly 11% more than Hard Difficulty).

What do you like most about BTD5?

My biggest appreciation for BTD5 is the fact that Towers can be upgraded with seemingly “more capabilities” due to the fact that instead of having 3 different paths to cross path, players will only have 2. This makes it a lot easier to decide which Towers to place and which cross paths are more useful.

Is it better to have multiple towers in BTD5?

The best part of this is the fact that players can upgrade multiple Towers to their “top tier” essentially making it easier to win the game as multiple Towers can be the strongest they can be. So let’s get started and chat about all of the Towers players can place in BTD5 and what each Tower is best for.

What are bloons in BTD5?

As you might be able to tell by the title, BTD5 is a tower defense game where you place towers with different attacks onto a map and press place for the “enemy” to come through. In this case, they are bloons, not to be confused with balloons.

How to record Bloons TD Battles 5 strategy on iPhone?

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