What is the best outdoor BBQ kitchen?

What is the best outdoor BBQ kitchen?

3 of the Best Outdoor Kitchens for Summer Entertaining

  • Neo Kitchen 6-LPG Burner Island Module BBQ.
  • Masport Ambassador V2 3-Piece Outdoor Kitchen.
  • Riverina Outdoor Kitchen with Hooded BBQ.

Are outdoor kitchens worth the investment?

Outdoor Kitchens continue to grow in popularity, and experts in the space believe that an outdoor kitchen significantly increases the value of a home. A study from Absolute Outdoor Kitchens found homes with an outdoor kitchen see an ROI of between 100% and 200% than homes without.

How much should you budget for an outdoor kitchen?

The national average for an outdoor kitchen is $13,176, with average prices ranging from $5,057 – $17,276. The least you can expect to pay is $2,875 while the high end tops out around $40,750. The average cost per square foot ranges from $32.50 – $100 per square foot.

What are the disadvantages of outdoor kitchen?

3 Cons of Outdoor Kitchens

  • Space. An outdoor kitchen requires space.
  • Weather Protection. All outdoor equipment needs protection of some sort.
  • Security. Security can become an issue with outdoor kitchens.

Should an outdoor kitchen have a sink?

A sink makes any outdoor kitchen more functional, practical and convenient. It’s a handy hand-washing station for the cook. And, eliminates the need for guests to track inside for pre-dinner handwashing and post-dinner scrubbing of sticky hands and faces, especially after a plate of saucy ribs.

Is Matador a Bunnings brand?

Matador Barbeques – Bunnings Brand.

Do people really use outdoor kitchens?

Because of its growing popularity, outdoor kitchens have become a trend in homeownership, with new styles and designs emerging every year.

Should I put a sink in my outdoor kitchen?

How much does it cost to run water in an outdoor kitchen?

Plumbing and Gas Lines You’ll pay an average of $350 to $1,850 for plumbing an outdoor kitchen and $15 to $25 per linear foot to run gas lines.

What is the point of an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen allows for more cooks – or helping hands at the very least – to help with preparing food, mixing drinks, grilling and cleaning up. Depending on the layout of the outdoor kitchen, more bodies in an outdoor kitchen aren’t necessarily a bad thing as it can be less crowded than an indoor kitchen.

What is a modular outdoor kitchen?

Modular outdoor kitchen cabinets are constructed with standardized units or dimensions. Since this type of outdoor kitchen is pre-fabricated, meaning you don’t have to hire contractors to create a permanent structure, this makes modular options practical and budget-friendly.

What appliances are necessary for outdoor kitchen?

7 Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances You Need [Buying Guide]

  • Outdoor Refrigerator. Instead of keeping a cooler filled with ice, you can quickly grab a cold drink thanks to an outdoor refrigerator.
  • Outdoor Ice Maker.
  • BBQ Grill.
  • Smoker.
  • Pizza Oven.
  • Warming Drawer.
  • Beverage Center.

How do I get hot water in my outdoor kitchen?

But if you do want hot water, an on-demand water heater is probably your best option. Drainage Options: Once you run the water it has to drain somewhere. There are three popular drainage options: You can tie your outdoor kitchen plumbing to your home’s waste water system—which will allow you to use a garbage disposal.

Who makes BeefEater BBQ?

Electrolux has agreed to acquire the Australian-based international barbecue business BeefEater, as part of the local strategy to boost the niche range of barbecues and help accelerate the growth of this market segment.

Is Matador Australian made?

Matador is a well-regarded brand among Australian consumers for its BBQs and outdoor kitchens. With BBQs being an essential part of an Aussie lifestyle, Matador aims to provide both quality features and designer looks.

What do you really need in an outdoor kitchen?

Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

  • Secondary Grill, Smoker, or Pizza Oven.
  • Enclosed Pantry.
  • Outdoor TV.
  • Outdoor Fans & Cooling.
  • Patio Heater.
  • Patio Furniture.
  • Fire Pit.

Do I need hot water for outdoor kitchen?

However, if you plan on giving your dishes a thorough washing, you’ll need to have hot water available. You’ll need hot water for washing your hands as well. A licensed plumber can discuss the options for getting hot water available outside.

What to know before building an outdoor kitchen?

10 Things to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

  1. Budget. It is important to determine an affordable budget and stick to it.
  2. Location, Location, Location. Consider the climate and environment where the home is located.
  3. Layout.
  4. Functionality.
  5. Design Options.
  6. Appliances.
  7. Bar.
  8. Lighting.

What does an outdoor kitchen consist of?

An outdoor kitchen is a place outside of the house where one can cook, prepare a meal, and easily clean up afterward. There is some heating element to the area, such as a stove, a cooktop, a grill, or even a pizza oven.

What is the most fashionable outdoor kitchen design?

So let’s start our trip to the fashionable outdoor kitchen design with the metal kitchen assemblies. This example of modern hot design for outdoor kitchen elements is from the TICINO Kitchen and is made of weather-resistant HPL – High-Pressure Laminate.

Where can I find inspiration for an outdoor kitchen renovation?

Whether you want inspiration for planning an outdoor kitchen renovation or are building a designer outdoor kitchen from scratch, Houzz has 44,117 images from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Anderson Landscape and Southern Supply.

What makes a good outdoor kitchen for a backyard?

A pool and patio in a St Louis, Missouri, backyard needed one last thing: an outdoor kitchen. Flagstone and granite encase a grill, smoker, sink, refrigerator, rubbish bins and a built-in ice chest. Bench seating on the other side of the bar allows a large group to cook, drink and relax at the same time.

What makes a good patio kitchenette in Miami?

3. Easy breezy This Miami, Florida, patio kitchenette leads straight out to a pool and spa and takes in glorious coastal views via pocket sliding glass doors. It has custom painted and glazed recessed wood panel cabinetry with applied moulding. A subtle mosaic tile feature wall ties it in with the colour of the pool and ocean.