What is the best MTV Unplugged performance?

What is the best MTV Unplugged performance?

‘MTV Unplugged’: The 15 Best Episodes

  • Alicia Keys (2005)
  • Hole (1995)
  • Mariah Carey (1992)
  • LL Cool J / A Tribe Called Quest / De La Soul (1991)
  • Eric Clapton (1992)
  • Alice in Chains (1996)
  • Pearl Jam (1992)
  • Nirvana (1993) Unplugged wasn’t Nirvana’s last concert.

What was the first MTV Unplugged performance?

MTV Unplugged first aired on November 26, 1989, with British rockers Squeeze, songwriter Syd Straw, and Cars guitarist Elliot Easton each playing sets.

Who did the first unplugged on MTV?

1989–1992. The series first aired November 26, 1989, featuring Squeeze, Syd Straw and Elliot Easton. The first 13 episodes were hosted by American singer-songwriter Jules Shear and featured Aerosmith, Elton John, Sinéad O’Connor, Poison, Joe Satriani and Stevie Ray Vaughan among others.

Did Bon Jovi inspire MTV Unplugged?

The industry lore is that Unplugged was inspired by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora’s appearance at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards, howling through “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “Wanted Dead or Alive” while strumming not-at-all-gaudy acoustic guitars.

What grunge bands did unplugged?

The music scene that we are all endeared to would not have been the same without the famous MTV Unplugged shows. The four shows that come to mind are Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains.

How can I watch old MTV Unplugged?

MTV Unplugged – MTV – Watch on Paramount Plus.

What was the first MTV Unplugged album?

The first album from an MTV Unplugged performance is released when Paul McCartney issues Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) in the UK. It is released in America in June. Eric Clapton records Eric Clapton Unplugged for MTV. The album wins six Grammy Awards, including Record Of The Year.

What grunge bands did Unplugged?

Why did MTV stop music videos?

MTV stopped playing music videos as much because it kept them to a limited viewership. Playing reality TV shows allowed them to grow their audience and earn more revenue.

Is Bon Jovi the best band ever?

They are members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, have sold over 130 million records, ranking them among the best of all time. They put on incredible live shows, have literally owned decades of the music scene and have had an impact on two generations of fans.

What songs did Pearl Jam play on MTV Unplugged?

Track listing

  • “Oceans” Stone Gossard. 4:01.
  • “State of Love and Trust” Mike McCready, Jeff Ament. 3:44.
  • “Alive” Gossard. 5:31.
  • “Black” Gossard. 5:31.
  • “Jeremy” Ament. 5:20.
  • “Even Flow” Gossard. 5:23.

What role did MTV play in music of the 80s?

In the 1980s, MTV was instrumental in promoting the careers of performers such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince and Duran Duran, whose videos played in heavy rotation.

Where does Bon Jovi rank all time?

And after all, being the # 15 most popular rock band of all time isn’t a bad thing at all. So congrats to Bon Jovi for another honor!

Are the Scorpions Unplugged?

Unlike on old-school unplugged performances, The Scorpions didn’t perform to a select audience in a small camera-ready venue; this was recorded at the Lycabettus Theatre in Athens yet the group still manages to be bold and far-reaching as well as acoustic and intimate.

Did k-os ever do an MTV Unplugged performance?

In October 2010, Mexican rock band PXNDX recorded their MTV Unplugged performance in Mexico City. It aired on November 23, 2010. In March 2011, K-os performed an MTV Unplugged in Toronto recorded for a future album and DVD.

What is the only Unplugged concert ever performed by MTV?

This was the first unplugged album of a Chilean group for MTV and, according to MTV technicians, is the only truly unplugged concert which has been performed, as only analog microphones dynamic range were used, at some distance from each instrument.

Why is Eric Clapton’s “MTV Unplugged” so popular?

Due to high demand, the performance was released as an EP, MTV Unplugged, which eventually sold over 10 million copies worldwide. The performance was released in a video form as well, achieving success particularly in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia. In 1992, Eric Clapton recorded an Unplugged performance at Bray Studios in London.