What is Pyro Pete the Invincible weak to?

What is Pyro Pete the Invincible weak to?

Pete is vulnerable to slag, which can dramatically reduce the time it takes to kill him. Shock damage is also recommended during the first portions of the battle to drop his shields quickly.

Can Pyro Pete be slagged?

Pete can be slagged like a normal enemy for a normal duration. If you have Slag grenades or a skill that slags, use it. Slag guns are far less useful in solo play through.

Who is Pete in invincible?

Invincible (2006) – Michael Kelly as Pete – IMDb.

What level is Pyro Pete the Invincible in normal mode?

In normal mode Pete is level 32.

What Legendaries can Pyro Pete drop?

Pete has a chance to drop: Seraph Crystals. Seraph items: Hoplite, O-Negative and Big Boom Blaster.

How do I get rid of Pyro Pete’s helmet?

Use a Trespasser to knock his helmet off and get crits. Practice avoiding the novas so that you end up summoning fewer spiderants. They get deadly at high levels and will hinder the Bee. A shock Sandhawk is good for the shields.

Is Pyro Pete a raid boss?

Pyro Pete the Invincible is a raid boss exclusive to Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage.

How do you knock off Pyro Pete’s helmet?

Does Motor Momma drop anything?

Does motor momma drop anything worthy in the vanilla game? only when she stands up and the tv remote falls out from under her bewb. She doesn’t have a designated drop. She might drop something good as a random drop, but it’s probably pretty unlikely.

Can Pyro Pete drop Legendaries?

Pyro Pete can drop legendaries, including the basic legendary class mods, but his loot pool is large, so not really a good idea if you are after specific items.

What can Pyro Pete drop?

Does Pyro Pete drop Legendaries?

What is the easiest raid boss in bl2?

IMO pyro pete is the absolute easiest raid boss to kill. The trick is to ammo up, remove your grenade mod, when pyro pete spawns you nade jump up to the right of where he spawns.

How do you get Unicornsplosion in Borderlands 2?

Unicornsplosion is an effervescent E-tech shotgun manufactured by Torgue. It can be obtained by feeding Butt Stallion in The Backburner while wearing the Mysterious Amulet.