What is MEK testing?

What is MEK testing?

This test method is used to determine the degree of cure of a baked film by the paint film resistance to a specified solvent. The Solvent Rub Test is usually performed using methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) as the solvent. The MEK resistance or degree of cure applies to paint topcoats and primers.

What is MEK test for powder coating?

MEK Rub Test. This test is used to ensure proper cure of the powder coating to the substrate. Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) is applied to a surface of the part or panel and then rubbed with a cotton swab. The area is observed for degradation or loss of paint adhesion to the substrate.

How to check curing of paint?

The amount of cure is the amount of little strings which are tied to the big strings. The way you measure paint cure is by counting the number of double MEK rubs the painted surface can pass. You actually count the rubs back and forth. One back and forth is one “rub”.

How do you use MEK solvent?

It is used as a solvent in the dye to ensure the ink flows properly. MEK is also a common ingredient in paint and paint products, like lacquer and other varnishes; as well as paint remover and glue. MEK is commonly found in the fiberglass and plastic manufacturing industry.

Will MEK remove paint?

It can also cause eye and lung irritation, as well as dizziness and drowsiness. Methyl Ethyl Keytone (MEK): Also known as butanone, MEK is often used to wipe down surfaces before new paint or stain is added. It can be used to remove paint, adhesive, epoxy, grease and dirt.

How do you test the quality of powder coating?

PENCIL HARDNESS TEST Pencils are measured by their hardness, so are a good measure of the hardness of a coating. The pencil is sharpened, and pressed into the coating at a 45-degree angle. It is then pushed, and if it pushes down into the metal, the coating failed. If there is no scratch, the coating passed.

Is MEK banned?

The answer is no. MEK, while it can be hazardous when not used properly, is not considered to present a considerable enough threat to the user or the environment for the EPA to ban the use of this chemical.

What is DFT meter?

Dry film thickness (DFT) is the thickness of a coating as measured above the substrate. This can consist of a single layer or multiple layers. DFT is measured for cured coatings (after the coating dries). The thickness of a coating depends on the application and type of process employed.

How can you tell if a powder coat is adhesion?

Pull the tape off aggressively and look at the tape and the part. An acceptable result will show only a little of the powder coming off from the grid cuts. If a square or two of coating is removed, adhesion can be suspect. If your coating comes off in a sheet, then you have adhesion failure.

Can you paint exo MEK ark?

Exo-Mek will always spawn with its neutral color in its regions, but can be colored with a paint brush and dye.

What does MEK do to your body?

* Methyl Ethyl Ketone can affect you when breathed in and by passing through your skin. * Methyl Ethyl Ketone can irritate the skin causing a rash or burning feeling on contact. Repeated exposure can cause drying and cracking of the skin. * Contact can severely irritate and burn the eyes, leading to permanent damage.

Is MEK illegal?

MEK is a popular chemical solvent used across several industries including ink, varnishes, and paint, but has MEK been banned? The answer is no.

Why is MEK banned in the US?

On March 30, 1998, EPA denied the petition based on the conclusion that Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), such as MEK, contribute to the formation of tropospheric ozone which is known to cause significant adverse effects to human health and the environment.

What is WFT and DFT?

Wet Film Thickness (WFT) = Dry Film Thickness (DFT) ÷ Percent Solids by Volume.

What is DFT thickness?

Dry film thickness (DFT) or coating thickness is arguably the single most important measurement made during the application and inspection of protective coatings. Coatings are designed to perform their intended function when applied within the DFT range as specified by the manufacturer.